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We at are looking for and inviting all Virtualization, cloud computing, VDI, security, data center, networking, etc. subject-matter experts, reviewers, writers and bloggers. strives to be the leading resource for virtual IT management, network administrators and technical personnel to get support and help others with virtualization and cloud computing support questions in form of contributed articles, blogs, general opinion articles and technical write up as well as user questions posted in our forums.

We are inviting all passionate IT industry Journalists, Writers, and Bloggers to join the Team of Professionals. If you are part of the technical team at your firm/company and would like to contribute articles, please contact us and we will get you started!

Being part of the Team will provide you many great benefits such as:

  •     Great Exposure
  •     Increased Expertise
  •     Increased Personal Endeavors
  •     Instant Recognition
  •     Influence the future of computing/IT industry
  •     Invitations to Media-Only Events
  •     Dedicated Author Bio Page

All ideal candidates will have the following attributes in no specific order:

  •     Passion to Learn and Will to Succeed in IT/Virtualization/Cloud Computing Journalism.
  •     Documented Experience in IT Industry (Virtualization/Cloud Computing)
  •     Consistency

So if you are looking to blog/write about Virtualization/Cloud computing topics, please contact us today!

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