Cloud Computing: Why choose IBM (full version)

Cloud Computing: Why choose IBM (full version) IBMers and customers speak about how leveraging cloud computing can optimize businesses. Cloud computing infrastructure allows businesses to access virtual resources, like automated software and new applications, and then are able to package cloud offerings to create cost-effective, repeatable services that can help them be more productive. [Richard Pina, IBM] Im Richard Pina. Im a Client Architect. I work in the Media and Entertainment Group and I do system designs with customers. And I work for IBM. Our work in cloud computing is truly harnessing the overall capabilities of our company, and well be able to bring those to clients and well be able to deliver immediate value to our clients either in increasing revenue–helping to increase revenue, looking at cost savings or cost avoidance, and that ultimately is the bottom line. [Paul Lu, Wuxi Lake Tai Cloud Company] My name is Paul Lu, Chief Executive Office of Wuxi Lake Tai Cloud Company. Wuxi Cloud center is IBM's first commercial cloud center in the world. It was invested 100 percent by the local government, so government called the industry park, tried to help small and middle size software and outsourcing companies within the park to set up a cloud application, cloud service for these small and middle size companies. OK, when we tried to set up a service platform, we are thinking about cloud computing technology, and IBM Blue Cloud is the only commercially available platform, which makes sense to adopt it <b>…</b>