Cloud Management Platform Delivers Unprecedented Time-to-Deployment Experience

OpDemand, provider of innovative solutions for agile IT operations, today announced significant user benefits of its next-generation cloud infrastructure management platform. OpDemand combines the rapid deployment and ease-of-use of a Platform as a Service (PaaS) with the flexibility and control of managing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). OpDemand users get the benefits of IaaS without having to assemble cloud infrastructure from scratch or learn cloud-specific system administration, greatly simplifying the deployment and management of services and applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“We are thrilled with the positive feedback from our growing user base. The immediate value our users are experiencing validates the significant market demand for a cloud infrastructure management solution that streamlines a complex assembly process and cuts unnecessary costs,” said Joshua Schnell, co-founder and CEO of OpDemand. “OpDemand automates the deployment and management of raw cloud computing infrastructure, facilitating a wide range of cloud-based services and applications. OpDemand’s interface offers five powerful controls that let users start, stop, upgrade, clone and destroy cloud services and applications with the click of a button. This makes managing cloud services intuitive and easy.”

“Using OpDemand, I deployed a PHP LAMP stack in five minutes, built to AWS best practices, enabling me to focus on developing the software that’s important to my business,” said Nithin Meppurathu, a web developer and founder of “I have better things to do with my time than learn the nuances of cloud-specific administration. Yet, I am not comfortable using a PaaS because I want to control my relationship with Amazon and have the freedom to work with raw infrastructure when necessary.”

Succeeding with existing cloud infrastructure management solutions requires a background in cloud systems architecture and a great deal of system administration experience. OpDemand maintains a Library of Templates that are built and certified by the cloud experts at OpDemand, allowing customers to receive the benefits of properly designed cloud environments without employing cloud expertise in-house. OpDemand also caters to more advanced users who desire to customize Template build and upgrade behavior and share their customizations with other developers. To facilitate customization, all OpDemand Templates are open-source and hosted on GitHub.

“OpDemand’s Node.js development platform got me up and running on Amazon EC2 faster than I ever thought possible,” said Samuel Breed, co-founder of Quick Left, Inc. “My application required a Redis service and a CouchDB database that did not come with the standard Template. Because OpDemand Templates are open-source and available on GitHub, all I had to do was fork it and add one command to install both. The Templates in the OpDemand Library provide a great starting point for customizing my specific services and applications, without having to assemble cloud environments from scratch.”

Developers, operations engineers and system administrators are encouraged to create a free OpDemand account here to benefit from the company’s web console, command-line utilities and REST API, allowing users to rapidly deploy development and testing environments on Amazon Web Services. OpDemand’s Template Library currently contains blueprints for a variety of popular cloud-based services, including Ruby on Rails, Django, Node.js and WordPress.