CloudVolumes’ Breakthrough Technology Injects “Virtual-State” Into Virtual and Physical Servers

CloudVolumes, the Instant Workload Management (IWM) solutions for virtualized servers, desktops and cloud, including integration with VMware vCloud and Citrix XenDesktop, today announced its “Virtual-State” solution to complement the latest release of Dell Wyse WSM, a desktop and application virtualization software. Through the Dell Technology Partner Program, CloudVolumes will deliver virtualized server applications onto Dell Wyse WSM-streamed servers.

“We are excited to offer the latest release of the Dell Wyse WSM software to customers, as it adds a new server streaming capability to help organizations harness the benefits of virtualization through their physical servers,” said Param Desai, Director of Product Management at Dell Cloud Client Computing. “The partnership with CloudVolumes allows us to give users the capability of changing identity and nature of a server instantly, which will provide agility in server management.”

The CloudVolumes solution helps bridge the virtualization gap by managing both physical and virtual servers in a new and more efficient way. Dynamic deployment of workloads, including applications, services, data and settings, as well as in-place updating and patching of server applications can now be seamlessly and instantly applied to running servers. By applying a “virtual-state” to servers, CloudVolumes enables them to dynamically change their roles within seconds – no longer do servers need to be dedicated to a single static task. When used with shared storage, CloudVolumes can significantly save on the storage required, as hundreds or even thousands of servers can share a single workload or application.

“The ability to treat a physical server as though it has been virtualized and create non-persistent physical servers is a new capability that has the potential to unlock several benefits for IT,” said JP Gagne, president at Baremetalcloud. “CloudVolumes is now providing the benefits of virtualization without the costs associated with it. We have gone through a very successful beta testing period and are looking forward to our continued engagement with CloudVolumes.”

By virtualizing everything above the OS, CloudVolumes enables these servers to be managed seamlessly and deliver applications onto servers, while continuing to operate current workloads. Enterprises can now be responsive to increase or decrease in demands, without undertaking the costs associated with virtualization. Further, the CloudVolumes solution requires no changes to existing infrastructure, hypervisor, application, licensing or policy. It supports all Windows desktop and server apps, including those that have been custom developed.

“We are breaking new ground in the world of servers by providing capabilities that were only previously available when they were virtualized. CloudVolumes reduces management complexity by injecting a “virtual state” into any server, giving IT the ability to manage both physical and virtual servers in the same way and change their roles on demand,” said Raj Parekh, president and CEO at CloudVolumes. “Our partnership with Dell further validates our solution and the benefits that it can bring to the enterprise. We are excited about Dell Wyse WSM’s latest release and the benefits it brings our joint customers.”

Product Availability
CloudVolumes solution will be included in the Dell Wyse WSM 6 release, available globally on July 22, 2013 through Dell channel partners.