Since I have my websites on dedicated server box, I also use script called dadamail ( to send newsletters to website members. Recently, I upgraded the newsletter script to the latest version as well as configured MysteryGirl plugin to handle bounced email messages. Unfortunately, on a cpanel/whm box, chances are that all message headers are going with incorrect return path, something like:

Return-path: [email protected]

That is okay in certain cases but it will not work if you want to use mystery girl plugin to catch bounced messages sent through sendmail option in the Dadamail newsletter script.

Lets logon to your Dadamail administration page, it would be at:

Then click on the “Sending Preferences” under Mail Sending options. Once the options load, please make sure this option is checked:

This will ultimately set the ‘Return-Path’ email header to the list administration email address ([email protected]), and bounced messages will return to that address. Otherwise, they will go to the list owner.

Here is a screenshot of the same


If you are on a cpanel/whm box, you can go into WHM Administration and install PHPSUexec to do this for your php scripts.

I hope this is helpful to fellow dadamail users and others who maybe looking to fixing the message header issues. Please backup your configuration and files before making any changes on live/production environment.

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