Desktone and GMO CLOUD to Bring Cloud-Hosted Virtual Desktops to Japan

Desktone, Inc., the pioneer of Desktops as a Service (DaaS), today announced that it has partnered with GMO CLOUD K.K., the leading Japanese cloud solutions provider, to bring cloud-hosted virtual desktops to the Japanese market. With this announcement, Desktone further extends its global delivery of high-performing virtual desktops.

“Japanese small and mid-sized businesses are eager for a solution that makes it easy for employees to work from home so they can avoid lengthy commutes, and use their own devices to access corporate networks. They also want a cost-effective disaster recovery solution that will enable workers to get back to productivity quickly in the event of an earthquake or other catastrophe. GMO CLOUD recognizes the unique ability that the Desktone Cloud has to enable these scenarios,” says Peter McKay, CEO of Desktone. “Service providers like GMO CLOUD are looking for a true VDI desktop ‘as a service’ solution and they’re finding that shared desktop technologies like Terminal Services and traditional VDI can’t provide the flexibility, performance or ROI they require.”

“Customers want to embrace the portability and reliability of cloud computing, and no other desktop solution enables this as easily and cost-effectively as the Desktone Cloud. We evaluated traditional VDI vendors but realized the upfront cost and complexity were prohibitive. By building a full-service solution around the Desktone Cloud, we can quickly deliver the capabilities that Japanese businesses need using a proven, award-winning solution. In conjunction with our expertise and infrastructure, we’re making it possible for businesses throughout Japan to rapidly provision complete Windows 7 desktops to users on any device, anywhere,” said Mitsuru Aoyama, President & CEO, GMO CLOUD.

The Desktone Cloud is the industry’s only purpose-built product for enabling virtual desktops in the cloud. By using the Desktone Cloud as the foundation of its DaaS service, GMO CLOUD helps customers instantly benefit from virtual desktops at a cost that is significantly lower than those typically associated with traditional VDI and shared desktop environments.

Cloud-hosted VDI requires unique infrastructure to support end-user performance requirements and lower service delivery costs. When performance targets aren’t met, end-user applications are significantly impacted and compromise the customer experience. As such, proximity of the VDI cloud deployment to the end-user communities is crucial. Desktone is committed to delivering a high-performing desktop experience for all of the markets it serves.

GMO CLOUD’s Desktone-powered DaaS service will be available on October 27, 2011, branded as “IQcloud Desktop.”