First Cloud Computing Security and Compliance Service Launched

NEW YORK: Logicworks, a New York-based cloud-computing provider, announces the launch of Compliant Cloud, the first private cloud service capable of enterprise-level security and compliance. Compliant Cloud is a breakthrough for businesses looking to take advantage of the flexibility and efficiency of cloud-computing without sacrificing the security of traditional in-house IT operations.

Logicworks Compliant Cloud provides a full range of solutions including; PCI for e-commerce, SAS-70 and Sarbanes-Oxley required for internal systems at public companies, HIPAA for healthcare applications, Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) for government projects and safe harbor for European Union projects hosted in the United States.

Logicworks has been a popular choice for demanding infrastructure hosting projects for 17 years, and has a client base that includes Dow Jones, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, NBC Universal, Hearst Corporation, Starwood Hotels, nextEMR, and Wealth Management Systems. Logicworks’ careful focus on sophisticated projects with complex technology requirements lead to their unique approach to cloud-computing.

“We looked at how the internal IT departments of Fortune 500 companies were approaching cloud-computing and decided to offer a similar approach for our enterprise clientele, a fully dedicated VMware environment with managed security features designed to meet the most stringent auditing and compliance standards,” said Logicworks President and COO Kenneth Ziegler. “An average Compliant Cloud customer will save between twenty and forty percent on its total IT operations spend and increase labor efficiency by taking advantage of Logicworks’ managed services. This is all accomplished without the capital expenditure associated with building in-house or collocated infrastructures. Logicworks also wraps these capabilities in a 100% uptime Service-Level Agreement for mission-critical applications.”

The Compliant Cloud mimics a full in-house virtualization deployment by including all the building blocks of enterprise architecture. Standard features include dedicated VMware ESX cloud processing and storage equipment, separation of confidential data onto independent networks in a demilitarized zone (DMZ), and advanced monitoring services like Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS / IPS). Storage and archiving of logs for security incidents are included, as well as data warehousing.

“There is an expectation in the industry that moving to the cloud means sacrificing a certain level of service and capabilities,” Ziegler added. “Our goal is not just to dispel that assumption, but to reverse it. By keeping a razor sharp focus on our sophisticated group of clients and providing them with world-class facilities, support, and expertise, we can in fact surpass the experience of any in-house server infrastructure.”

“2009 was the most challenging year for CIOs in the corporate and public sectors as they faced multiple budget cuts, delayed spending and increased demand for services with reduced resources,” said to Mark McDonald, Group Vice President and Head of Research for Gartner. “This is set to change in 2010, as the economy transitions from recession to recovery and enterprises transition their strategies from cost-cutting efficiency to value-creating productivity.”*

Logicworks is banking on the accuracy of Gartner’s prediction and has positioned The Compliant Cloud to capitalize on this trend.

About Logicworks
Logicworks exclusively delivers enterprise hosting and private cloud solutions to high-growth customers in need of high-availability for their most critical applications and content. Logicworks is known for its combination of dedicated client teams, customized solutions, performance/SLA emphasis and focus on database management for complex systems. Clients are able to reduce capital expenses, operating overhead and multi-vendor management by relying on Logicworks as an extension of their technical operations. Logicworks customers are SaaS providers, e-commerce sites, and the most well known content destinations on the web, including Major League Baseball, iVillage, and Dow Jones Factiva.