First-of-its-Kind Tech Lets Hyper-V Admins Restore Single VM

Rectiphy Corp. has released Rectiphy ActiveImage Protector for Hyper-V 2 .7.5 with patent-pending ReZoom technology. ActiveImage Protector (AIP) was the first solution that allowed users to hot image a Microsoft® Hyper-V™ host along with all guest virtual machines and applications without shutting them down, vastly improving Hyper-V backup management. In another industry first, AIP’s new ReZoom feature can now restore the entire system, just one, or some of the Virtual Machines, to the state they were in at the time of the backup. ActiveImage Protector for Hyper-V is an affordable, high-speed image-based backup solution that is optimized for Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments.

Besides the first-of-its-kind ability to restore individual virtual machines using ReZoom, AIP also enables users to restore that Virtual Machine to a different server and hardware. AIP will intelligently adjust the security identifiers so the Virtual Machine will automatically show up in the Hyper-V Manager and run flawlessly on the destination server.

Designed to help customers meet data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery challenges, AIP includes innovative Hyper-V backup management features, which ensure the recovery of critical information quickly and affordably in virtual environments. AIP’s flexible licensing allows the user to install a copy on one physical host machine and restore on an unlimited number of virtual guest machines and servers – potentially saving the customer thousands of dollars.

AIP’s unique sector tracking driver works with Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) to perform safe incremental backups of applications such as SQL, Exchange, Oracle® and ISS at blazing speeds – even while the application is active. Backup images can be saved to any convenient storage location including a backup server, SAN/NAS storage, USB, FireWire®, eSATA, etc. Now, thanks to the ReZoom Wizard, when restoring an incremental backup, just select the image you want and AIP will restore your entire system, one or more machines if needed.

ActiveImage Protector for Hyper-V Backup Management Benefits at a Glance:

  • No Interruptions: Hot image backup of Hyper-V environments without having to shut down the guest virtual machine or application
  • Take What you Need: Patent-pending ReZoom Wizard restores an entire image, one or more virtual machines or individual files and folders
  • Hardware Agnostic: Restore a VM or image to a different system even on different hardware
  • Save Time: Performance tested, high-speed, image-based backups optimized for virtual environments
  • Easy to Use: AIP Wizards guide you through backing up and restoring – step by step
  • Save Money: Install one copy on the physical host server and restore an unlimited number of virtual machines
  • Set-it-and-forget-it: Scheduling makes perfect incremental background backups on only the data that has changed
  • Faster Disaster Recovery: CD-bootable disaster recovery gets you up and running quickly for a bare metal recovery
  • Industry Standard: Utilizes non-proprietary Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) to ensure the integrity of backed up data along with the Hyper-V Manager console
  • Use Your Current Infrastructure: Backup image to any convenient storage location – backup servers, SAN/NAS storage, USB, FireWire, eSATA, etc.

ActiveImage Protector for Hyper-V retails for $850, which includes the first year of software maintenance.