Free Training: VMware vSphere 5.1: What’s New Course

This training course explores new features in VMware vCenter Server™ 5.1 and VMware ESXi™ 5.1.

By the end of the course, you should gain an understanding and should be able to implement the following new functions and features of VMware vSphere® 5.1:

  • Compute and Storage
    • Support for hardware version 9, the latest CPU performance counters and virtual shared graphics acceleration designed for enhanced performance.
    • For better space efficiency vSphere supports storage space reclamation for VDI.
  • Network
    • Support for VXLAN
    • Enhanced vSphere Distributed Switch™ that supports:
    • Network health check
    • Backup and restore
    • Rollback and recovery
    • Link Aggregation Control Protocol support
    • Single-root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV)
  • Availability
    • VMware vSphere vMotion® without the need for shared storage configurations.
    • VMware vSphere Data Protection for simple and cost effective backup and recovery,
    • vSphere Replication enables efficient array-agnostic replication of virtual machine data over the LAN or WAN.
  • Security: Inclusion VMware vShield Endpoint™ to eliminate the agent footprint from the virtual machines, offload intelligence to a security virtual appliance, and run scans with minimal impact.
  • Automation: Two new methods for deploying new vSphere hosts to an environment make the Auto Deploy™ process more highly available than ever before.
  • VMware vCenter Enhancements:
    • vSphere Web Client
    • vCenter Single Sign-On
    • VSA enhancements
    • Support for Additional Disk Drives
    • Increase Storage Capacity Online
    • vCenter running on the VSA Cluster

Prerequisites: Attendance at one of these VMware vSphere 5.0 courses:

  • Install, Configure, Manage
  • Fast Track
  • What’s New
  • Or equivalent vSphere 5.0 administration experience
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