The Future of Cloud Computing (7/19/11)

The Future of Cloud Computing Timothy Chou, Pioneer in Software on Demand; Author; Former CEO, Oracle On-Demand Simon Crosby, Founder and CTO, Bromium Inc., Former CTO, Citrix Systems Gina Tomlinson, CTO, City and County of San Francisco, Department of Technology Abhijit Phanse, CEO, UnitedLayer, Managing Partner, Accelon Capital — Moderator A panel of tech insiders explores the various forms of cloud computing, the economics of the cloud, and the key technology of virtualization, which enables the abstraction of resources into massive pools that can be tapped on demand. Come explore the challenges of security, privacy, accessibility and the opportunities for efficient resource utilization toward a greener planet. Will the cloud be an on-demand instant gratification engine, the ultimate equalizer bringing the power of the infinite into the hands of a single person, or just the ubiquitous computing model of our increasingly digital life? Will it rain? Will cloud computing become fully adopted as part of everyday computing?