Gov and Military Organizations Benefit from Dell’s Desktop Virtualization Tools

Dell today announced the launch of its Desktop Virtualization Solutions for Government (DVS-Gov), an end-to-end desktop virtualization tool designed specifically for government customers. This secure and efficient enterprise-class solution helps government agencies manage “geographic sprawl” through greater mobility and the ability to power almost any device virtually anywhere, allowing government workers more flexibility. DVS-Gov can allow customers to securely access information anywhere in the world to manage operations that require a powerful, IT backbone that meets tough federal security and compliance standards.

Government agencies looking at optimizing endpoint management often gravitate to desktop virtualization as a solution to this problem. DVS-Gov also ensures simple management for agencies requiring telework as well as greater overall mobility functions. However, many government customers are also beginning to field demands from their workforce to have their networks accommodate any device, anywhere which can open up new security loopholes, such as secure data leaving a secure area, which has prevented many agencies from accommodating telework or greater mobility in the past.

The Dell DVS-Gov solution addresses these issues and enables more secure mobility in a fully end-to-end validated technology stack. In conjunction with newly acquired Wyse technology, DVS-Gov helps federal agencies meet strict regulatory mandates for data access by meeting government certification and security standards. Additionally, in partnership with AppSense and ActivIdentity, DVS-Gov also gives government customers granular control over security and access policy which allows them to give their employees the freedom to securely access their work in more places with more devices. This solution makes viable initiatives like telework, allowing employees to work remotely out of necessity or allowing for greater flexibility.

“We’re committed to helping our government customers accomplish their mission anywhere, anytime,” said Jere Carroll, general manager of civilian and intelligence agencies, Dell Federal. “With IT becoming a vital tool government customers require to accomplish their mission, we at Dell are constantly looking for ways to empower these very important customers by giving them the flexibility they need – and DVS-Gov is a perfect example of that.”

Everyday many government and military customers face situations where they must quickly deploy and establish operations in non-traditional office settings. Dell helps to remove any of these barriers to adoption by offering a powerful solution that meets the strict compliance and security standards government customers require.

Dell’s DVS-Gov solution provides government workers with a powerful IT framework that allows IT administrators to manage operations more effectively and securely in a central point through virtual machines. DVS-Gov helps those customers to quickly access their information around the world giving them the ability to operate just as effectively in remote environments anywhere, anytime.

Features of the DVS-Gov solution include:

  • An easily scalable solution developed for customers with 50 to 50,000 users or a simple single-server offering for a branch office.
  • Built on Dell’s DVS-Enterprise or Simplified Platforms: Dell has tested and validated its solutions with over 75,000 hours in the lab, and can provide the right solution quickly.
  • Wyse Technology validated: With Dell Wyse’s thin and zero clients, customers get superior security and zero-touch manageability. Dell has validated several models specifically with this solution, to ensure optimal function.
  • Context aware security, in partnership with AppSense: When workers can access data from anywhere, new security issues can emerge. Dell’s integration of this software allows customers to be very specific around where and when various applications and data can be accessed, where and on what devices ports and media drives can be accessed, and when features like copy paste and print screen are acceptable.
  • CAC Card Integration, in partnership with ActivIdentity: Dell has taken the step of integrating Smart/CAC Cards into its solution up front, saving most agencies the time and trouble of doing it themselves.
  • OCONUS and U.S.-based support options: Regardless of specialty support needs, Dell will provide support services for the full solution, not just the piece parts.
  • Compliance Standards: All components of this solution are certified to have compliance with the following basic standards: TAA, IPv6, Energy Star, VPAT.

Dell also offers two enterprise service delivery models for customers:

  • Customer Managed: Dell implements the integrated solution stack at the customer location and turns over all management of operations, monitoring and incident resolution to the customer after the deployment is completed. Dell ProSupport provides issue resolution for any component of the fully integrated solution.
  • Custom: The customer purchases Dell hardware, software, and/or services such as design and implementation for building a virtual desktop environment within the customer’s data center. The customer has the opportunity to take advantage of best practices documented in Dell validated reference architectures or leverage Dell Consulting to create a custom architecture.

As a top 20 contractor to the U.S. federal government and one of the top IT providers to government entities at all levels across the globe, Dell is dedicated to helping its government customers solve complex problems with efficient and effective IT solutions and services. Committed to helping its government customers focus on accomplishing their critically important missions and not the limits of their IT, Dell offers a full suite of services, solutions and software to meet the specific needs of those serving their countries and communities.