IgniteVM Helps Oracle DBAs Maintain Performance in Virtual Environments

Confio Software, the makers of the award-winning Ignite performance management software tools, launched its IgniteVM solution for database administrators (DBAs) attending Oracle OpenWorld. Confio’s IgniteVM is the first and only software designed specifically for DBAs to monitor the performance of Oracle on VMware. By offering DBAs an unprecedented level of visibility beyond the database and into the virtual server layers, IgniteVM reduces the risk of database performance issues and connects IT directors, VMWare administrators, and DBAs to maintain their performance levels and IT operations.

“The database industry is undergoing enormous change as virtual servers become more prevalent,” said Bernd Harzog, president of Virtualization Practice. “Without insight into the database performance metrics in a virtual environment, DBAs will have no visibility into the queries to troubleshoot issues before they arise. They will be trying to reverse engineer bottlenecks, rather than preventing them – a significant hindrance from the capabilities they have in physical environments. IgniteVM is a simple solution offering DBAs the ability to maintain their performance capabilities in a virtual environment.”

In addition to being the first software tool in the industry to help Oracle DBAs achieve high levels of performance in the virtual environment, IgniteVM has acquired VMWare professional solutions provider certification, so Oracle DBAs utilizing IgniteVM can rest assured that Confio’s solution – and the people behind it – have the knowledge, expertise and training to ensure a smooth customer experience.

Already dozens of major enterprises running Oracle databases in virtual environments have selected IgniteVM, making it the fastest growing and most popular performance management tool in the virtual space.

“After a switch to Oracle Standard Edition, we required a software tool that could monitor database performance – a function we lost with the transition,” said Arati Nemani, Oracle database administrator for Wake County Government in North Carolina. “We looked at a variety of options, but when we learned Confio had the only solution that could enable us to monitor both our physical and virtual servers at once, with the same interface, we knew IgniteVM was the right way to go. Not only can we resolve day-to-day performance issues, but we can even go back and review historical data to identify bottleneck trends or repeat offenders. We believe Confio’s Ignite solutions will be effective at helping us solve any performance issues.”

DBAs attending Oracle OpenWorld can see a demonstration of both Ignite8 for Oracle and IgniteVM at booth no. 634.

“IgniteVM for Oracle is the still the first – and only – software tool available to DBAs managing performance in a virtual environment,” said Don Bergal, chief marketing officer for Confio. “At Confio, many of us are DBAs ourselves which means we understand the technical and market needs of our customers. We anticipated the virtual transitions, and developed a solution to ensure DBAs can continue to deliver to the same level of performance analysis as they were in physical environments. We hope the DBAs attending Oracle OpenWorld will find time to research how IgniteVM could work for them.”

About Confio Software
Confio Software develops database performance solution for DBAs, IT managers, and database developers, for both physical and virtual server environments. Confio’s flagship product, Ignite8, helps eliminate bottlenecks, speed problem resolution, and reduce the cost of operations for SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and Sybase databases and VMware servers. Since the company’s founding in 2002, Confio products are developed and supported from the Boulder, CO headquarters.