MobileSpaces is First to Provide Native Google Apps User Experience For BYOD

Leading enterprise mobile security company MobileSpaces announced another market first today, with support for the full suite of Google productivity apps for BYOD use on Android and iOS devices. As part of the MobileSpaces 2.1 release, the MobileSpaces workspace can now contain any native Google Apps mobile application, including Gmail, Calendar, People, Chrome, Hangouts, Drive, and Quickoffice. Using MobileSpaces 2.1, enterprises can securely mobilize Google Apps within a container, and employees use the same apps for work that they use in their personal lives with the same familiar user experience.

Over 5 million businesses use Google Apps, and now they are able to multiply the productivity of their employees with a secure BYOD container that provides users with the native Google experience. Using MobileSpaces’ app-agnostic container, the enterprise can choose the Google Apps it uses, along with any other built-in, public app store, and custom enterprise app, to provide a complete BYOD experience that is tailored to business needs. With MobileSpaces, the enterprise is free to use the apps it chooses, instead of the apps the container vendor offers.

“Our support for the full suite of Google Apps fills a huge functionality and security hole that prevented our customers from providing BYOD access to their cloud-based services,” said Yoav Weiss, MobileSpaces CTO and co-founder. “Other container solutions fall short. MDM vendors such as MobileIron and AirWatch only support Google Apps with their own proprietary email, contacts and calendar apps. Good Technology does not support Google Apps at all. Only with MobileSpaces can enterprises offer their BYOD workers secure access to the full Google Apps suite of messaging, sharing, collaboration and storage services using the native mobile apps that Google built with the rich integrated user experience that Google intended.”

“As employees increasingly make use of mobile apps and cloud-based services to get work done, there is a significant mobile management gap when it comes to public app stores like Google Play and support for services such as Google Apps,” said Chris Hazelton, Research Director for Mobile and Wireless at 451 Research. “MobileSpaces enables IT to close this gap and secure the most readily available and preferred applications with seamless connectivity to supporting services – giving BYOD users secure access to the full suite of Google Apps which traditional mobile security approaches preclude.”

MobileSpaces 2.1 combines proprietary app virtualization technology for Android with Apple’s iOS 7 app management capabilities to create a trusted BYOD workspace. The MobileSpaces workspace downloads as an Android or iOS app and is policy controlled and cloud managed via a browser-based console. The MobileSpaces workspace is an app-agnostic container that protects corporate information against data leakage and loss by encrypting all data at rest, controlling data sharing between enterprise apps and connecting directly to the enterprise VPN. With MobileSpaces 2.1, the MobileSpaces workspace was extended to include Google Cloud Messaging and other Google services that are necessary to support native Google Apps.

MobileSpaces 2.1 lets enterprises focus on choosing apps and services for business and not worry about devices and connectivity.