Panasonic Achieves Tremendous Cost Savings from Virtual Bridges VDI Gen2

Panasonic Corporate Information Systems Company (CISC), a Division of Panasonic Asia Pacific, and Virtual Bridges, Inc. today announced one of the largest VDI rollouts to-date, spanning seven Panasonic factories located across India, Vietnam, the Philippines and the Republic of Singapore. The implementation is being hailed as a significant cost saver, and was recently named a winner of the internal Panasonic Corporate Cost Buster competition. As a result, Panasonic expects to expand the deployment to additional regions.

Since 2010, Virtual Bridges and Panasonic have worked closely to deploy Virtual Bridges VERDE across hundreds of thousands of desktops, providing unprecedented support for employees worldwide, including those accessing data and applications through mobile devices, while also controlling spiraling desktop management costs. Virtual Bridges VERDE serves as the hub of the project and allows the company to provide support to manufacturing team members, regardless of the infrastructure constraints common in the region.

“Virtual Bridges provided capabilities that other VDI vendors simply could not match,” said Justin Ong, IT General Manager, Corporate Information Systems Company Asia Pacific, a division of Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. “In addition to offering the industry’s best VDI price performance, VERDE’s simple yet powerful feature set, ease of deployment and reliable support for our end users have been key to the success of our deployment. Working side by side with Virtual Bridges, the client, executive teams, and IBM Software Services team helped to successfully implement the VERDE solution while maximizing the value of their investment, and addressing Panasonic’s critical business needs.”

As one of the largest electronic product manufacturers in the world, Panasonic cannot risk productivity or data loss due to downtime, application performance issues or compatibility challenges. To ensure desktop support and performance while reducing costs, Panasonic sought a VDI solution that supported a mix of SaaS-based and client-server applications, as well as Linux and Windows operating systems.

“Businesses today need affordable solutions that are easy to manage, agile and proven to work,” said Jim Curtin, CEO of Virtual Bridges. “At Panasonic we are showcasing the power of VDI Gen2, providing a cost-effective, easy-to-use approach to provisioning, managing, updating and securing virtual desktop environments. Regardless of the location, Panasonic employees now have anytime, anywhere access to the resources that matter most.”

As the industry’s only VDI Gen2 solution, VERDE is designed for organizations that want to escape the constraints of physical computing, simplify desktop management, improve security and increase business agility. Organizations can manage desktops centrally, while users can access Windows and Linux desktops from any location or device — including PCs, tablets, smartphones, laptops and thin clients.