Provision Networks RDP Bitmap Acceleration for VDI

Content delivered trough VDI and Terminal Server environment is growing exceedingly rich. The use of videos, images and photos and other rich content in VDI and Terminal Server environments has become a requirement. Flash is a particularly good example of this. Flash is one of the most popular formats to deliver multimedia rich content these days. Unfortunately, due to its graphic nature, Flash does not perform very well over slow connections using just the RDP protocol (like other VDI vendors use). This does not just go for Flash. Content containing high numbers of images (any website these days) or videos also delivers a somewhat poor user experience when using just the RDP protocol. This is especially true for slower network connections. This is why Provision Networks has developed several technologies to significantly enhance the performance of multimedia content in RDP sessions. We already showed you a demonstration of how we are accelerating the performance of video in a VDI or Terminal Server session. The following videos are demonstrations of Provision Networks RDP Bitmap and Flash Acceleration for VDI and Windows Terminal Services. They compare the performance of using just the RDP protocol (like VMware VDM uses for example ) to using RDP with the Provision Networks RDP Bitmap and Flash Acceleration. The difference is quite significant. This is a prototype as of June 2008, and is expected to be productized in a future version of our software. Patrick Rouse <b>…</b>