Cormant Announces the Ability to Query Virtual Machine Managers with CableSolve

Cormant Inc., a software development company specializing in IT infrastructure management, today announced CableSolve now queries virtual machine (VM) managers such as VMware ESX® and Cisco UCS® environments. With this update, data center and IT infrastructure managers are able to see a holistic view of their physical and virtual servers in the context of the overall IT infrastructure for the first time. The technology will be demonstrated at Interop New York in booth #657 and within the InteropNet.

Recognizing the need to understand the link between physical and virtual environments, CableSolve can document and visualize both physical and virtual environments in a single-pane-of-glass. This enables a real-time view of VMs on their physical host servers, and a historical view of the VM locations. CableSolve can also be configured to provide other VM characteristics such as memory usage, processor usage and hard drive space, which can be compared to the host physical server’s capacity, ultimately leading to a more efficient data center and a smoother transition to virtualization.

“There is a trend toward virtualization servers to save power and space, more efficiently utilize infrastructure and support green initiatives,” said Paul Goodison, CEO at Cormant. “CableSolve has always been highly effective at allowing IT managers to see which servers might be candidates for virtualization, either because of age, power consumption or function. Yet it’s important to note that physical servers that run virtual environments often place significantly higher demands on the physical infrastructure, as they use more power and generate more heat than traditionally provisioned servers. CableSolve is aware of which servers are used for virtualization and can query the server or smart power distribution units for power and temperature data, providing a truly holistic view of all the available information.”

According to Jay Pultz, vice president at Gartner, “Virtualization is an incredibly powerful technology to reduce hardware costs, reduce power costs and improve utilization; understanding the interplay of physical and virtual machines is vitally important.”

CableSolve has always excelled at visualizing the physical infrastructure and the addition of VM queries delivers another layer of visibility to data center and IT infrastructure managers. In fact, CableSolve provides complete visibility into both the physical, including all assets and connectivity, and logical layers, including live data from a robust scripting module. Additionally, with CableSolve’s portable handheld management module, IT managers are able to move, change, track and audit all assets and connectivity using a pocket PC handheld device or smartphone.