Radiant Logic Announces Roadmap for RadiantOne and HDAP, the “Big Data” Directory

Radiant Logic, the market leader of federated identity solutions based on virtualization, today announced its participation in the Ping Technology Alliance Program. This latest collaboration continues Radiant’s long-standing partnership with Ping Identity, the leading provider of single sign-on and access management based on federation standards. Working in concert with Ping’s federated access layer, RadiantOne enables companies to federate their identity layer, even in the most complex identity environments, where data sources are diverse and distributed.

The Rapid Growth of Federation Highlights the Need for Identity Integration and Big Data-Driven Directory Storage

As large enterprises continue to adopt federation standards such as SAML and Open ID/Connect, this approach is rapidly becoming the mainstream way to achieve SSO for cloud and web applications. However, large-scale deployments are often hampered by the ongoing challenges of a fragmented identity infrastructure, making it difficult to securely connect users to web or cloud-based applications outside of the security perimeter.

“The need for identity integration becomes essential in these complex, distributed, and heterogeneous environments, where identities and attributes are scattered across a diverse array of data stores, including Active Directory domains and forests, LDAP directories, databases, and APIs,” said Michel Prompt, founder and CEO of Radiant Logic. “In such cases, deploying federation efficiently also requires an identity integration layer to normalize and federate these diverse representations of identity.”

Once identities are integrated across every data source, these unified views of identity must also be cached in a scalable store. “For large enterprises, the volume and richness of all this identity information—including potentially hundreds of millions customer identities and their ever-expanding profile attributes—also requires another highly available and scalable directory architecture, such as Radiant’s big data-powered HDAP directory, which will soon include an extension for HDFS and Spark components.” said Dieter Schuller, VP of Sales and Business Development at Radiant. “Together, the RadiantOne Federated Identity Service and HDAP directory provide a complete solution for advanced identity integration and federation that’s perfect for the rapid deployment of customer-facing initiatives.”