CUPERTINO, Calif: Xangati, the first management solution to provide virtual machine (VM)-to-anything visibility, today announced the results of another survey – this time focused on server virtualization. Of the most interesting data, one out of every two users polled agreed that application owners are responsible for slowing down their rate of server virtualization. Additionally, a whopping 82 percent did not believe they had the tools in-house to confidently ensure the performance of virtualized mission-critical business applications. Furthermore, nearly 80% of those charged with running the virtualization infrastructure cited having no metrics for doing so.

Survey Results Reveal Slow Adoption Due to Uncooperative Application Owners, Low Confidence in Existing Virtualization Management Tools and Lack of Personal Performance Metrics and Incentives

The survey recently conducted by Xangati via a web survey tool and deployed to over 750 IT executives and virtualization gurus further revealed:

  • 75 percent of respondents would budget for management tools that accelerate virtualization of line-of-business (LOB) applications; however,
  • 75 percent also claimed the process of getting LOB application owner approval to do so is ‘very challenging,’ ‘challenging,’ or ‘somewhat challenging.’

“There are typically two things that stand in the way of any major change – politics and the status quo – and the results of our most recent server virtualization survey mirror that sentiment,” said Alan Robin, CEO of Xangati. “The challenge is that the more mission-critical the application, the more resistance exists to disrupt the status quo. So, once the more basic applications are virtualized, then the rate of virtualization often drops substantially. Organizational cooperation and confidence is a must at this stage of the game and that is the precise point where a virtualization management solution like Xangati plays a central role in terms of helping to understand the communication dynamics of every server in a multi-tier application before it’s even been virtualized.”

Additional survey data netted out that, while nearly 32 percent of respondents had no process for selling application owners on virtualization, the top methods otherwise used were:

  • presenting the high availability and disaster recovery functionality of VMware, by over 44 percent of respondents; and,
  • sharing a success story of an application already virtualized, by over 27 percent of respondents.

“The fact of the matter is – Xangati accelerates virtualization,” continued Robin. “By knowing more about the application servers before they have been virtualized – not only in terms of CPU, memory and disk – Xangati helps virtualization infrastructure administrators more effectively communicate with application owners, which enables superior deployment designs and architectures, speeds up troubleshooting and moves the overall process forward to ultimate success.”

To access the complete survey results, please click here.

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Xangati, the provider of the industry’s first management solution to deliver VM-to-anything visibility, accelerates virtualization by providing critical VM visibility previously unavailable, enabling superior deployment designs and architectures, and speeding up troubleshooting.