Silver Peak Integrates with VMware Network Virtualization to Automate Deployment

Silver Peak, the leader in accelerating data movement and virtualized network services, today announced integration of its data acceleration software with VMware NSX™, the platform for network virtualization. The integration uses Silver Peak’s “Agility” software to provide point-and-click traffic redirection and workload optimization from one virtual machine (VM) to another across VMware NSX virtualized networks.

Silver Peak will demonstrate the Agility integration with VMware NSX at VMworld® in San Francisco, Aug. 25-29, 2013, booth #416. Silver Peak CEO David Hughes will address how the VMware virtual networking architecture enables network services virtualization at VMworld session TEX5667.

The rapid adoption of server virtualization and hybrid cloud infrastructure has resulted in a completely new operational model for deploying and managing application workloads in today’s software defined data centers. The network has historically been a barrier to achieving the full benefits of virtualization and workload mobility because of complex physical network topology, manual configuration of network equipment, and a reliance on vendor-specific expertise. Silver Peak Agility combined with VMware NSX can help overcome these challenges by enabling rapid, on-demand deployment of network services in virtualized data centers. Silver Peak redirects and optimizes traffic between VMs without the need for complex router configurations and networking expertise. This allows virtualization administrators to quickly and easily optimize the performance of individual workloads between data centers, remote offices and the cloud with increased simplicity.

“Networking technology can be complex to implement through the eyes of non-networking IT personnel, but as the network transforms from a hardware model to a software delivery model, it becomes essential for non-networking professionals to enable and manage network services at-will,” said David Hughes, CEO of Silver Peak. “Our core competencies in WAN optimization and virtualization have Silver Peak uniquely-positioned to help customers automate and optimize the deployment of virtualized network services across their software defined data centers.”

“VMware NSX™ will set the standard for network virtualization, decoupling networking functions from the underlying physical infrastructure and automating network services to dramatically simplify IT service delivery,” said Hatem Naguib, vice president, cloud networking and security, VMware. “By combining VMware NSX with Silver Peak, customers will be able to move data at accelerated rates between VMs in separate virtualized data centers.”

Virtualized wide area network (WAN) optimization software has already proven to be a critical requirement for moving more data over longer distances, and in less time. The software-based approach is a fast and cost-effective way to overcome bandwidth, distance and quality challenges that hinder data mobility performance for disaster recovery and access to localized resources across multiple data centers, including cloud and MSP environments. Silver Peak Agility combined with VMware NSX will enable a smooth transition to network virtualization while maximizing current investments, maintaining service levels, and assuring application performance over distance. Silver Peak’s support for networking and security within the VMware vCloud® Suite also helps cloud managers easily scale from a few applications to thousands of optimized applications.

“Silver Peak is a pioneer in virtualized network services and we share a common commitment to enabling the software defined data center architecture,” said Justin Giardina, CTO at iland, a leading global VMware vCloud Powered® provider. “Silver Peak’s Agility allows our customers to easily accelerate and optimize workloads without the need to reconfigure their networks. This results in dramatically faster time to value for our customers and up to 20x faster data movement for applications like replication and disaster recovery leveraging iland Enterprise Cloud Services.”

“Silver Peak has already demonstrated its leadership in accelerating virtualized network services with WAN optimization software,” Hughes added. “Now, Silver Peak is partnering with VMware to address the next step: simplifying and automating the deployment of these services across virtualized data centers.”

Pricing and Availability
Silver Peak virtual WAN optimization software is available today for free self-service trials from the Silver Peak software marketplace. Silver Peak Agility integrated with VMware network virtualization is available today for no additional charge as part of Silver Peak’s Global Management System (GMS) 6.2. Silver Peak GMS pricing starts at $4,995.