Storage Switzerland Supports RDX Removable Disk Technology

BROOMFIELD, Colo.: The RDX Storage Alliance today announced that Storage Switzerland, a leading analyst firm in the storage industry, has become a partner in the RDX Storage Alliance. The RDX Storage Alliance is a non-profit association of storage industry leaders dedicated to supporting the community of storage customer and IT professionals responsible for implementation of data protection, retention, archive, and recovery strategies. Storage Switzerland is an analyst firm focused on storage, virtualization and the cloud. Storage Switzerland’s goal is to provide unbiased evaluations and interview content on sponsoring and non-sponsoring companies through articles, public events, product reviews and the Storage Switzerland BLOG.

“Today, large and small organizations face increasingly complex requirements for data protection, retention, archive, and recovery,” said Eric Slack, Sr. Analyst at Storage Switzerland. “As a partner of the RDX Storage Alliance we hope to broaden the RDX body of knowledge and help IT practitioners address some of those requirements. The RDX Storage Alliance is a valuable resource for the storage community to learn about effective solutions using RDX storage technology, which can simplify data storage requirements and potentially lower IT costs,” continued Mr. Slack.

“Storage Switzerland brings a wealth of storage knowledge and industry analyst leadership. We are obviously glad to have Storage Switzerland join the RDX Storage Alliance as a partner and contribute their knowledge to this professional community,” said Karl Chen, Executive Director of the RDX Storage Alliance. “Storage Switzerland, founded by industry veteran George Crump, brings unbiased, informed, and relevant evaluations of current business and technology challenges and solutions. Storage Switzerland will address customer solution profiles and best practices demonstrating how RDX removable disk technology can make data storage more efficient and reduce IT costs,” Mr. Chen continued.

OEM partners of the RDX storage technology include industry leaders BDT, Dell, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Imation, Maxell, NEC, ProStor Systems, and Tandberg Data. RDX removable disks are designed for portability and longevity, the rugged RDX cartridges are engineered to be durable so you can safely transport off-site while also providing the shelf life required for archival requirements.

RDX removable disk technology is a cost-effective, scalable storage solution for backup and recovery of data and images. RDX technology combines the best features of tape and disk backup, but adds portability, easy duplication, rapid random data access, compatible capacity growth, high data reliability and affordability. RDX is a flexible and easy solution for small, medium and enterprise companies and provides the data protection features they need in the easy-to-use process they need. RDX removable disk technology products provide plug and play installation and appear to computers as a standard disk drive removable media device providing easy drag and drop control and instant data retrieval.