UniPrint Unveils PCoIP Support for VMware Horizon at VMworld

VMworld US 2014
UniPrint, the world leader in printing virtualization, today announced that its latest release of UniPrint Infinity software provides strategic virtual and secure print support for virtualized and remote desktops from VMware Horizon.

Arron Fu, VP of Software Development, UniPrint comments, “Printing from within a VDI environment such as VMware Horizon presents IT with unique challenges in remote printing as user sessions are moved from localized printers to sessions controlled from within the data center.” Fu continues, “Issues such as limited bandwidth, slow printing speed and excessive printer management start to take center stage when considering printing through remote desktops across the Cloud. UniPrint’s Universal Print Driver (UPD) overcomes these issues by compressing print jobs into PDFs and sending them back to the client using VMware Horizon’s native PCoIP.”

Fu explains, “The very nature of running VMware Horizon 6.0 means that whilst the user and the printer may only be physically a few meters away, the user session and the printer may now be hundreds or thousands of miles away, running seamlessly through the data center. It becomes optimal therefore that a virtual print solution is deployed that facilitates compressed, transferal of print jobs across the virtual channel back to the client, using as few system overheads as possible.”

UniPrint’s patented PDF-based universal printer driver (UPD) software expands the advanced capabilities of VDI to printing. When VDI images are created and users print, a large number of printer drivers are added to the image, causing increased printer administration due to incompatibility issues and potential problems with corrupt print drivers, while eating away at server resources slowing down the overall network performance. UniPrint UPD negates the need to add multiple manufacturer printer drivers to the image and the master image remains unaffected, simplifying printer management and delivering consistently fast remote printing. Driver versions are also updated automatically eliminating lengthy certification processes.

UniPrint pioneered the use of PDF-based universal printer driver technology to streamline and enhance secure printing. The patented and VMware-certified UniPrint Infinity Suite provides a comprehensive range of enhanced-printing solutions for all computing environments. Using UniPrint, millions of workers in over 70 countries enjoy efficient and seamless printing. UniPrint is proud to be able to help customers in large and small, public and private sector organizations to increase productivity and reduce costs.