Medical University Deploys Oracle’s Sun Ray Clients, Improves Nursing Staff Productivity, Mobility and Security

The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), the oldest medical school in the Southern United States, is deploying Oracle’s desktop virtualization solution, specifically Oracle’s Sun Ray Clients and Sun Ray Software, to facilitate clinical documentation at the point of care and centralize IT management across the university’s growing medical center.

The solution enhances caregiver mobility, helping nurses in the university’s clinical enterprises — MUSC Health — to more efficiently access and enter vital clinical information. By eliminating the need to log in and log out of sessions as they move throughout the facility, nurses can complete clinical documentation quickly and maximize the time spent caring for patients.

By using Oracle’s desktop virtualization solution, MUSC Health has centralized the management of its desktop computing environment, and it no longer has to update and patch hundreds of individual PCs. This enables the MUSC IT team to re-focus time saved via remote desktop management on other priorities, while also improving application security.

Sun Ray Clients support MUSC Health’s commitment to ensuring both the privacy and security of protected health information, as they provide auditable login and activity data and never store any information locally.

The energy-efficient clients, which have a longer lifespan than a standard PC, are helping MUSC Health to reduce power consumption and cut desktop refresh costs.

To date, MUSC Health has deployed approximately 200 Sun Ray Clients across its 750-bed medical center, which has more than 45,000 patient admissions annually, and includes a nationally recognized Children’s Hospital and a leading Institute of Psychiatry. The rollout began at MUSC’s new Ashley River Tower, which provides cardiovascular, digestive disease, and surgical oncology care.

In an effort to maximize caregiver mobility, the organization expects to deploy approximately 500 Sun Ray Clients total — accounting for 75 percent of its medical center desktops.

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