Virtual Computer Accelerates Disaster Recovery by 1000X

Virtual Computer, the market leader in intelligent desktop virtualization, recently demonstrated instant disaster recovery when an organization using its NxTop(R) product on half of their PCs was able to recover from a virus more than 1000 times faster than its PCs without NxTop. The computers running NxTop were restored and operable in about one minute, versus one to one and a half days for the other machines, highlighting NxTop’s ability to reduce downtime and accelerate disaster recovery. The organization was so impressed with Virtual Computer’s capabilities that they decided to purchase the solution for all of their PCs.

According to Brett Waldman, senior research analyst for IDC’s System Infrastructure Group, “PCs running Virtual Computer NxTop can recover from malware near instantaneously, whereas significant cleanup is required for a traditional PC environment. The Virtual Computer solution enables rapid disaster recovery, which is a significant time saver. Even more notable is that it can be deployed without the major infrastructure costs of other desktop virtualization solutions, such as VDI. This is because it uses the compute power on the PCs to run the virtualized desktop images on a secure type-1 client hypervisor, resulting in significant cost savings.”

“Despite preventative measures, it’s unrealistic to eliminate all issues, such as hardware failures, data loss, virus infection or lost machines,” said Dan McCall, CEO of Virtual Computer. “The question is, what do you do once you have experienced one of these issues? The top priority of IT is getting up and running rapidly to maximize productivity of the employee base. This real world scenario demonstrated how Virtual Computer’s desktop virtualization solution enables companies to instantly return to productivity after a disaster.”

NxTop ensures the speedy recovery from:

  • Viruses and malware
    The prevalence of malware is skyrocketing, creating a major concern for today’s IT departments. With NxTop, machines can be instantly restored to a clean “golden image,” while preserving all of the users’ settings, profiles, and data through powerful layering and transparent backup technology.
  • Lost, stolen, dropped, or broken PCs
    The two most critical action items when a PC is lost are: 1) protect the data on the lost PC; and 2) get the employee productive again. NxTop offers AES-256 full disk encryption, time-based lock-out, and remote kill capabilities to prevent unintended data exposure from lost or stolen PCs. Moreover, NxTop enables users to migrate to new machines in minutes to minimize downtime.
  • System corruption
    Whether the operating system is corrupted or a disk is inoperable, NxTop can quickly restore the operating systems, applications, and user data without having to re-install Windows(R). With NxTop, users have their entire PC restored completely — even their desktop icons are exactly where they were on their old PC.

Organizations looking to evaluate Virtual Computer NxTop can download a free copy by visiting