VMware vSphere Now Bundled with Intransa VDMR Appliances

EMC World 2011

Intransa, The VideoAppliance Company, today announced the availability of VMware vSphere integrated with Intransa’s Video and Data Management & Retention (VDMR) Appliance. As a VMware Embedded OEM partner Intransa delivers VMware vSphere as an integral part of its Intransa VDMR appliance. Physical security customers can now run multiple physical security applications on a single physical server in a robust and efficient virtualized server environment.

As a VMware Embedded OEM partner, Intransa has a simple way to bundle VMware products, enabling Intransa to enter new markets and deliver “right sized” virtualized solutions that work out of the box. Intransa has also joined the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program to leverage its training and enablement benefits.

“Embedding industry-leading VMware technology empowers companies such as Intransa to increase the value their solutions provide to customers,” said Bernie Mills, senior director, embedded OEM alliances, VMware. “By partnering with VMware, Intransa is also accelerating delivery and decreasing the deployment costs of virtualized solutions for video surveillance and security.”

The bundled Intransa VDMR Appliance with VMware vSphere leverages the power of virtualization using only one physical server, replacing up to three commodity servers. The combination of VMware and Intransa dramatically reduces capital and operating costs and maximizes IT efficiency while giving customers increased agility through automation.

“The physical security market is evolving to address the growing demand for high performance IT and physical security technology. The integrated solution provided by VMware’s vSphere software and Intransa VDMR Appliance is the latest in a series of announcements reflecting Intransa’s move to extend more technology options to physical security customers worldwide,” said Alex Doorduyn, director of product management, Intransa. “While virtualization can provide customers with many advantages, VMware virtualization solutions lead the industry with proven and robust management capabilities and a lower total cost of ownership compared with other virtualization software solutions.”

VDMR Technology for Physical Security

Intransa’s patented and patent-pending VDMR technology provides an array of forward-thinking yet easy-to-use physical security features, including:

  • Video System Administrator (VSA) Console, a simple-to-use yet powerful management graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Video Stream Optimization, smooth’s video recording for long-term retention and efficient playback
  • Video Stream Director eliminates the challenges of separate IP camera, IP storage, management and viewing networks.

All of Intransa’s VDMR Appliances are designed to deliver installer-ready IP physical security right out of the box. Each appliance automatically sets itself up, and includes an advanced USB media kit with the customer’s choice of video surveillance, access control, video analytics, industrial video and other certified applications, ready to be activated and running in just minutes. The Intransa VDMR Appliance seamlessly deploys physical security applications easily and reliably with third-party storage, such as EMC’s VNX unified storage and EMC’s CLARiiON CX4 storage systems.

With the Intransa VDMR Appliance, customers no longer need to purchase risky and expensive commodity servers and storage systems, untested and lacking video optimization for physical security workloads. Intransa VDMR Appliances are built to incorporate the power of certified technology, such as VMware vSphere virtualization, in a dependable, risk-free deployment. The Intransa VDMR Appliance featuring VMware vSphere virtualization eliminates servers and complexity, improving reliability while further reducing a customer’s electrical, heating, cooling and overall equipment needs, and all with significant cost savings.

The Intransa VDMR Appliance integrated with VMware vSphere will be on display in Intransa booth #935 at EMC World, May 9-11, 2011 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. To schedule an advance appointment with Intransa executives, please email [email protected].

About Intransa
Intransa, Inc. delivers simple and scalable installer-ready appliances, purpose-built for the demands of physical security and industrial video. Intransa VDMR Appliance sets itself up automatically, and is ready for activation of video management software from the leaders in the industry. Our ground-breaking technology eliminates the complexity, cost and ongoing support challenge of integrating commodity servers, storage and hardware, replacing them two-for-one with scalable appliances.