Vyatta to Virtualize Networking for Leading Cloud Provider’s Datacenter

Vyatta, the leader in software-based networking for virtual and cloud environments, today announced its enterprise-class virtual networking and security solution is providing the software for NS Solutions Corporation’s newest cloud service, Advanced Business Space on Network (absonne) datacenter.

NS Solutions is a leading IT solution provider in Japan operating a utility computing service called absonne. NS Solutions provides integrated solutions that address customer needs for both business applications and systems platforms, offering end-to-end solutions including system consulting, planning, design, development, operation and maintenance, as well as outsourcing services. NS Solutions is adept at providing multi-vendor and mission-critical systems solutions as well as incorporating best-of-breed products and technologies to address customer needs.

For the absonne datacenter, which entered production in July 2012, NS Solutions deployed Vyatta Network OS for full-featured, redundant network and security infrastructure on a per-customer basis, ensuring uninterrupted service.

“NS Solutions’ absonne cloud is really a business platform at the core of hundreds of enterprises,” said Satoshi Kitazawa, Director of IT Engineering Division of NS Solutions. “From its inception, absonne was designed to be completely virtualized for agility and Vyatta plays a key role in enabling NS Solutions to realize that design.”

In the absonne environment, Vyatta runs as a virtual machine on the VMware ESX 5 hypervisor. Its primary role is to provide network edge routing and security services for NS Solutions’ customers. Within the datacenter, Vyatta runs NAT, stateful firewall and should service be disrupted, Vyatta’s VRRP and HA functionality will route traffic to another Vyatta instance with no interruption to the customer’s service.

“Vyatta is the only networking and security software solution capable of adjusting to customer and network demands with the agility of applications,” said Sheen Khoury, Senior Vice President of Sales and Field Operations. “With compute and storage virtualization at their respective tipping points, cloud providers, such as NS Solutions, are now focusing on virtualizing the network to further reduce costs and increase flexibility.”

Originally architected and tested with Vyatta Network OS Core, the need for the assurances that come with enterprise-tested and supported software became apparent to the NS Solutions team.

“Even in the event of a disaster, absonne is built to ensure continuous service, and this is what makes NS Solutions a leading cloud provider,” Kitazawa said. “Vyatta’s world-class support team truly simplified the deployment, and in many instances worked side-by-side with our engineers to guarantee our service met customer demands.”

In addition to adapting to fluctuating business and customer demands, Vyatta empowers NS Solutions to take advantage of future technologies, such as software-defined networking (SDN).

“NS Solutions’ absonne datacenter is one of the more advanced and agile datacenters servicing enterprises in existence today,” said Kelly Herrell, CEO of Vyatta. “By virtualizing its network, NS Solutions is at the forefront of providers that will be able to quickly deploy and take advantage of software-defined networking advances as they mature.”