Webinar – Garland & Big Switch: Enabling Low-cost 100G Monitoring for Visibility and Security

Learn how Big Switch SDN fabric and Garland TAPs enable low-cost 10G/40G/100G pervasive monitoring. In this recorded webinar, discover how Garland Technology’s network TAPs are deployed with Big Switch’s Big Monitoring Fabric to provide a 10G/40G/100G monitoring solution that is operationally simple, highly scalable, and cost-effective for enterprise, service provider and web-scale/SaaS data centers.

The webinar presenters included Chris Bihary, CEO/Co-Founder, Garland Technology; Prashant Gandhi, VP, Products & Strategy, Big Switch Networks; and Mostafa Mansour, Technical Marketing, Big Switch Networks. They address the following:
● What are the key drivers for high-performance monitoring?
● How does the joint solution provide simplicity, scale, and economics for DC-wide monitoring?
● Why does a network TAP ensure 100% data visibility and access to a centralized tool farm?
● Demo (at 23:54): Any TAP to Any Tool – Dramatically Simplified!