WiFi Virtualization: Celeno Announces New 802.11ac Wave 2 4×4 Portfolio

Wi-Fi virtualization
Wi-Fi virtualization

Celeno Communications, a leading provider of high-performance Wi-Fi chips and software for demanding networking applications, today unveiled their 802.11ac Wave 2 compatible product family – the Quicksilver product family. As well as providing the most advanced physical layer technology based on Celeno’s Smart Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) architecture and algorithms, and support for 160 MHz channel width, the Quicksilver solution goes beyond other Wave 2 offerings by including Celeno’s industry unique channel aware Wi-Fi virtualization, QoS and QoE management technology, OptimizAIR™ 2.0.

“Both enterprise and consumer Wi-Fi needs are moving much faster than even industry standards can keep up with. By looking beyond today to wireless networks of tomorrow, we are developing solutions that can be more agile in the field, and virtualization is a huge part of that,” said Gilad Rozen, CEO of Celeno. “By incorporating OptimizAIR™ 2.0 together with Smart Multi-User MIMO technology, our Wave 2 offering allows Wi-Fi networks to work not only faster, but in a smarter and more agile way.”

Combined with Celeno’s industry-first OptimizAIR™ 2.0, the MU-MIMO capabilities of Wave 2 are significantly enhanced. Quicksilver product family builds on Celeno’s field proven channel-aware scheduling algorithms to enhance multi-user groupings as part of the airtime management engine. By introducing Smart MU-MIMO, Celeno goes beyond the industry standard to deliver a solution that not only provides greater Wi-Fi capacity by streaming simultaneously to multiple clients, but together with OptimizAIR 2.0, smartly distributes available throughput to optimize the user experience, especially with 4K video streaming use cases.

Unique in the field, OptimizAIR™ 2.0 enables the provisioning and dynamic allocation of Wi-Fi capacity to different virtual networks (SSID), services, and even different client devices, including highly demanding 4K video devices, all served by the same Wi-Fi Access Point.

The result is an optimized and more efficient Wi-Fi network that can ensure the highest quality of service no matter how many Wi-Fi enabled devices are competing for bandwidth. Furthermore, with the proliferation of 11ac, expectations are that the currently less congested 5GHz spectrum will quickly fill up. The Quicksilver product family is embedded with spectrum intelligence capabilities that will deliver the agility required to better utilize the spectrum.

Celeno’s Quicksilver solution presents a unique opportunity for service providers and OEMs to fine-tune the multi-user experience by enabling significant improvements in performance for their customers across a wide range of Wi-Fi applications and challenges including: coping with the fast growing number of devices in the home; the ability to manage differentiated services such as data, video and homespots; prioritizing VoIP; allowing differentiation between similar services such as HD and 4K-UHD video; and smarter spectrum intelligence.

Celeno’s innovative technology is resonating with OEMs in the industry. “Faster Wi-Fi is not enough to master the challenges of today’s connected world, it needs to be smarter as well,” said Alex Wang, CEO of Compal Broadband Networks. “MU-MIMO is an upgrade over the 11n MIMO specification as it provides greater capacity and supports concurrent devices in certain use cases. However, the inclusion of Celeno’s unique and innovative OptimizAIR 2.0 in the Quicksilver product family provides an unprecedented capability to virtualize Wi-Fi resources. This enables service providers to reliably manage multiple logical services such as homespots, hotspots, mobile offload, IPTV network, etc. This innovative leadership from Celeno assures quality of experience today, and agility in the networks of tomorrow.”