Zyrion Automation Solutions Simplify Monitoring of Distributed Cloud Infrastructures

Zyrion Inc., a leading provider of Cloud and IT Monitoring software solutions, today announced the availability of the Traverse Automation Module that dramatically simplifies monitoring the performance of distributed, heterogeneous cloud infrastructures.

Following up on Zyrion’s successful launch earlier this year of the ‘Data Capture and Processing’ module for seamless monitoring of Cloud technologies like VMware, Xen and AWS, this next stage of Cloud management advancements from Zyrion focus on ‘Automation’. The third phase of Zyrion’s platform evolution will be centered on ‘Intelligence & Predictive Analytics’ capability, and will be available by year end.

As adoption of Virtualization and Cloud infrastructures accelerates, IT organizations worldwide are starting to attain significant economy-of-scale benefits. Reduction in costs for incremental units of computing power, the ability to more easily flex up and down as needed, and the lack of restrictions imposed by the traditional models, are driving a marked increase in the consumption of computing and application resources as organizations are being freed up to do more. But unless steps are taken to deal with the resulting increase in the administration burden, the efficiency gains realized from shared, flexible IT infrastructure will be outstripped by the high cost of managing a more dynamic environment.

JP Garbani, principal analyst at Forrester Research said – “At Forrester, we believe that complexity is the main issue that IT operations are facing today, and that this complexity overwhelms most organizations, making them inefficient. Gaining the right level of productivity in IT operations will come from using better tools, and, specifically, automation.”

Zyrion’s new Traverse Automation Module is designed to help IT administrators keep up with exponential growth in performance monitoring demands as the volume of discrete virtual servers, IT components and applications explodes. Zyrion overcomes the limitations of manually-intensive legacy monitoring tools, and provides sophisticated automation features to help organizations address the significant challenge of detecting and resolving issues in a timely manner, given the increased virtual and cloud infrastructure sprawl.

Specific advancements in Zyrion’s monitoring software platform include:

  • Dynamic Linked Templates: Allows administrators to create a master definition for monitoring a particular type of cloud component which includes alarm thresholds, event-driven actions, notifications, schedules and more. Any number of child components can then be linked to the master, and have their full definition based on whatever has been specified for the master. More importantly, whenever changes are made to the master, these changes are seamlessly propagated to all linked child components.
  • Dentralized Configuration Management: Administrators can perform all monitoring configuration operations and changes for a heterogeneous IT environment – physical, virtual, cloud – from within a single UI, requiring no separate access to any remote applications, devices or locations.
  • Workload Management Integration: Includes API and plug-in framework extensions to enable automated resource provisioning or resource deletion based on performance metrics crossing defined thresholds. Service Container rules, Composite metrics and the sophisticated escalation framework can be used to initiate complex resource change actions.

“These most recent automation enhancements in our monitoring platform are designed to help IT organizations deal with the increased administration burden of monitoring expanding virtual and cloud infrastructures,” said Vikas Aggarwal, CEO of Zyrion. “One of our customers went from having to monitor 1000 distinct physical servers before a virtualization project began, to now having to manage over 7000 virtual servers after the first phase of the initiative. Our goal is to help our users automate and simplify many of the routine monitoring tasks, allowing their IT personnel to focus on the deeper and more complex administration activities.” “The latest addition to Zyrion’s lineup is really pragmatically relevant and needed”, says analyst Dennis Drogseth, VP at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). “This is automation, but very focused on the administrative burden in operations.”

Zyrion is the leading provider of integrated Cloud and IT Monitoring software solution using ITIL Business Service Management (BSM) technology for distributed and complex datacenter environments. Zyrion’s flagship Traverse software provides seamless, correlated, end-to-end, service-oriented views of the entire IT infrastructure performance – physical, virtual and cloud.