Aerohive Networks Enhances Its Cloud-Enabled Wifi Networking

Aerohive Networks, the pioneer in controller-less Wi-Fi and cloud-enabled networking, today announced significant enhancements to its HiveOS and HiveManager Network Management Software, simplifying the authentication and control of guests and Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). Aerohive is also adding spectrum analysis to its 802.11 Access Points (APs) and is now offering the industry’s first reseller enablement of cloud networking services. These new features were designed to reduce the operational burden of Wi-Fi networks without requiring purchase of new and expensive APs, licenses, or MIDs managers.

“Non-traditional mobile and BYO devices are seeing rapid adoption as business tools,” said Lisa Phifer, analyst at Core Competence. “The iPad in particular is helping to drive broader use of virtual desktop and innovative tablet applications across industries such as health care and retail. To reap productivity and cost benefits without unacceptable delay or risk, IT departments must ensure that new mobile devices can be rapidly activated and secured in accordance with existing policies. With HiveOS 4.0, Aerohive has delivered enterprise network access to newly-detected mobile devices in a manner that’s fast, automated, and flexible, yet inherently secure and easily integrated with existing infrastructure.”

“Aerohive’s Partner Admin tool is extremely flexible and easy to use,” said James Saarikko, Engineering Practice Manager at Aerohive’s reseller partner PlanIT Technology Group. “It’s a unique feature for Aerohive partners that streamlines the process of setting up demos and evals and eliminates the middle man enabling us to better serve our customers.”

“As Wi-Fi has become the primary access layer and enterprises struggle with the influx of consumer devices, IT departments need Wi-Fi systems that are easier to use, deploy and support,” said Stephen Philip, VP of Product Marketing, Aerohive Networks. “Aerohive continues to innovate on top of our cloud-enabled, distributed-intelligence architecture and deliver value to our customers, while our competitors are yet to truly embrace the cloud or free themselves of their controllers.”

Cloud-Enabled, Distributed-Intelligence Wi-Fi Solution Facts

  • Enterprises are seeing strong demand for guest access and a proliferation of consumer devices also requiring Wi-Fi access. With HiveOS and HiveManager 4.0, Aerohive is simplifying the authentication and the control of these devices with additional methods of device detection, authentication and policy enforcement.
    • We are making open, insecure guest networks a thing of the past by allowing users to self register for a unique Private PSK that is delivered by the HiveAP’s web portal. This protects users from snooping attacks like Firesheep while not putting any additional administrative burden on IT or receptionists.
    • This same capability can also be used to allow employees to get secure network access with their personal devices without requiring IT to take on the burden of supporting 802.1X configuration on the myriad of personal devices that are being connected to corporate networks.
    • Administrators can modify user access rights based on the type of device in use and information gained from the web session, Active Directory (AD) authentication, and/or domain membership.
      • Personal MIDs can access the network with the same user credentials as their corporate devices, but may be directed to a separate network offering only Internet access and email access.
      • Corporate-owned MIDs that are registered as computers in an AD domain may be given limited access to the network and available resources based on device type.
  • Spectrum Analysis capabilities delivered as a free software update to existing 802.11n customers, with support for full 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz spectrum analysis, time slicing access with scanning, and common signatures to identify interfering device type, such as microwaves.
    • Industry first, HTML5 delivered spectrographs (graphical representation of spectrum analysis) allowing it to be used with any device or browser including iPads and iPhones.
  • Industry first reseller enablement of cloud networking services. Allowing reseller partners to deliver greater value to their customers via Aerohive’s cloud services platform.
    • Provides the ability to demo, evaluate, and add additional products to their customers’ network
    • Allows the reseller to offer Managed Services without having to build a hosting center or a NOC

Other features included in HiveOS/HiveManager 4.0:

  • Aerohive’s in-AP RADIUS functionality now integrates with Library Information Systems (LIS) and allows libraries to validate Wi-Fi access against the LIS.
    • Libraries can limit Wi-Fi and/or internet access based on attributes such as library member age or overdue status
  • Aerohive’s Wi-Fi Planner now provides multi-level and multiple perimeter support in both the HiveManager and free online version
  • Access and Backhaul on the Same Radio
    • HiveAP radios can now operate simultaneously as an access and a backhaul interface enabling single radio HiveAPs to create a mesh
  • IP Firewall Policy Support of Domain Names
    • HiveAP firewall policies now support domain names as the source and destination
  • VMware PCoIP and Citrix ICA support
    • HiveAP QoS and firewall policies now support these popular desktop virtualization protocols as predefined as services, enabling administrators to quickly allow or deny these services and to apply the appropriate QoS priority to unsure that devices, such as iPads, running enterprise applications utilizing VDI perform optimally.

Pricing and Availability
HiveOS/HiveManager 4.0 is free of charge with software support and will be available June 20, 2011

About Aerohive Networks
Aerohive Networks reduces the cost and complexity of today’s networks with cloud-enabled, distributed Wi-Fi and routing solutions for enterprises and medium sized companies including branch offices and teleworkers. Aerohive’s award-winning cooperative control Wi-Fi architecture, public or private cloud-enabled network management, routing and VPN solutions eliminate costly controllers and single points of failure. This gives its customers mission critical reliability with granular security and policy enforcement and the ability to start small and expand without limitations. Aerohive was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. The company’s investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Northern Light Venture Capital and New Enterprise Associates, Inc. (NEA).