Patients First | Successfully Deploys VDI with Xiotech’s Intelligent Storage Element

Patients First | Successfully Deploys VDI with Xiotech's Intelligent Storage Element

Increase Performance to Support Escalation in Electronic Health Records Patients First Health Care is a multi-specialty, patient-focused health services company based in Washington, Missouri providing coverage to more than 200000 consumers. This physician-directed and community-focused organization currently offers 20 specialties ranging from audiology to urology as well as new cancer and out-patient surgery centers. With 20 offices in five counties, 74 practicing physicians and more than 550 total employees, Patients First Health Care is a proven leader in integrated, quality patient care. Marc Ashworth is its Director of IT. Recently Patients First more than doubled the size of the Company's headquarters, which enabled the data center to also expand. The rapid increase in data — driven by the mandated move to electronic health records — necessitated more space for the data center, as well as significantly more storage capacity. The SAN at the time was comprised of EMC CLARiiON systems. Pain points to be addressed with additional storage included slowness and lack of performance, which are challenges that can be crippling to an active health care facility.