MySQL Backup Script

If you run a website or a forum, you are probably using MySQL as its backend database engine. MySQL is one the most popular open-source applications on the planet and pretty good one as well. Being the best and most popular doesn’t mean free of issues and headaches that come with managing databases… are you… Continue reading MySQL Backup Script

Email Server Generates “#500 Firewall Error##” Error

We upgraded our mail server recently to Microsoft Exchange 2007 and users started experiencing problem sending emails to multiple recipients on same domain. The error message: Diagnostic information for administrators: Generating server: [email protected] #500 Firewall Error ## The error message is pretty clear as to where the problem lies. We do have cisco… Continue reading Email Server Generates “#500 Firewall Error##” Error

Missing or corrupt C_437.NLS file

My laptop today with Windows XP Professional Operating system which had this error message: ‘Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt. \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\C_437.NLS Here are two solutions: 1. Boot your computer from your Windows installation/repair CD. You may have to hit F12 and choose CD-ROM as the boot option. 2. Once… Continue reading Missing or corrupt C_437.NLS file