A.I.type has released a new version – A.I.type Keyboard Plus for Android. It’s intelligent – employing a cloud based multi-tiered language modeling system. It’s accurate – a real “blind-typing” system which automatically corrects (and doesn’t miscorrect) typos and misspellings. It’s cool – offering fully customizable skins and personalized keyboard layouts.

A.I.type Keyboard Plus offers an improved prediction and correction engine that saves approximately 75% of the keystrokes, making it the best prediction engine in the mobile world and Android market. Even with its cloud-based-prediction turned OFF, A.I.type is more than 10% more accurate than its nearest competitor. With cloud prediction turned ON, the difference is over 40%! A.I.type’s patent-pending auto-correction technology corrects typos and misspellings. Unlike other keyboards, A.I.type is context-sensitive, and therefore offers only appropriate words. Moreover, as a real blind-typing system, it finds words even when every key hit is wrong.

“Our keyboard gives a new dimension to mobile with its multi-tier solution.” says Paul Kalnitz, A.I.type’s Product Manager. “The intelligent predictions and corrections derive from a huge, constantly updated knowledgebase on the Cloud, an extremely lightweight and efficient device-based knowledgebase, and an advanced personal-language learning model (the Cloud, which requires only 5Mb of bandwidth on average, can be disabled if desired). This technique outperforms any other technology on the market by offering fast, accurate and highly precise results. But don’t take our word for it – we challenge anyone to test us against any other product on any text, and see for yourself.“

A.I.type Keyboard Plus is extremely simple and intuitive to use. Whether you are a fast typist making occasional typos or if you need help with your spelling, syntax and grammar – A.I.type is a great solution. The keyboard is highly customizable. You may select from 8 different built-in skins or design a skin of your own by customizing buttons, colors and sizes. Kalnitz continues, “It’s easy to use, powerful, highly customizable, and yet – something any user can understand and adjust to their particular needs.“

Cloud Keyboard in Action on Android Phone

Cloud Keyboard in Action on iPhone