CloudByte Introduces Community Edition with a 25 TB Free License of Storage

CloudByte, the leading provider of enterprise storage for virtual environments, today announced the release of the free Community Edition of ElastiStor OS, which is built on patented technology to solve storage I/O contentions in virtualized environments.

Community Edition users can run ElastiStor OS on industry-standard hardware of their own choice. Upgrade is possible to either a Premium Edition of ElastiStor OS or ElastiStor Appliance, a complete self-managed storage solution which CloudByte delivers in partnership with Dell, SanDisk, and Supermicro.

“We want the power of ElastiStor to be widely adopted by the community,” explained Felix Xavier, CEO of CloudByte. “CloudByte extends the server virtualization concepts into storage, and we expect the technology enabling such a complete storage virtualization to be the de facto storage standard in the near future.”

With a free perpetual license of up to 25 TB, the Community Edition of ElastiStor opens the door to customers of all sizes to build their own storage infrastructures and take advantage of all the key benefits when using virtual environments. By harnessing the power of CloudByte Virtual Storage Machines, I/O bottlenecks are eliminated and VMs no longer compete for resources.

The Community Edition includes:

  1. HA with non-disruptive upgrade and migration
  2. Guaranteed storage performance for enterprise applications
  3. Thin provisioning for both capacity and performance
  4. Unified storage (SAN/NAS) with complete enterprise-grade storage features and management
  5. Local and remote data protection
  6. Inline deduplication and compression
  7. REST APIs for easy integration
  8. An array of free plug-ins to connect with various virtualization environments

Key benefits

  1. Reduced CAPEX: No need to stack up physical storage boxes for each application
  2. Reduced complexity: No tedious storage sizing per application and managing silos
  3. Reduced data center footprint: Savings in terms of power, cooling, and rack space
  4. Flexibility: Move around storage performance between the applications on the fly
  5. High utilization: By eliminating silos, storage utilization is increased by 5x

The CloudByte ElastiStor Community Edition is available for immediate download at Community Edition.