CSC CloudCompute for Government Offers Federal Community Cloud That is Built Using NIST Guidelines

CSC (NYSE: CSC) announces CSC CloudCompute™ for Government (CCFG), which provides infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for CSC’s new federal community cloud that is built using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines and allows for future as a service offerings. Designed primarily for U.S. federal agencies and government personnel, this multi-tenant community cloud delivers the increased agility and scalability to respond rapidly to changing requirements at a fraction of the cost of a private cloud or a traditional data center. Importantly, it provides the flexibility of a public cloud.

Additionally, CloudCompute for Government’s pay-as-you-go pricing structure aligns with the emerging buying alternative to only pay for services utilized. Compared to the traditional IT infrastructure procurement cycle, which can take months or more than a year, the agility of CloudCompute for Government allows agencies to be up and running in near real time.

“CSC’s CloudCompute for Government is ideal for a variety of government applications and services and allows agencies to speed time to production, optimize constrained resources and reduce costs. Agencies will see immediate benefits, especially in light of current budget constraints,” said James W. Sheaffer, president of CSC’s North American Public Sector. “This cloud offering addresses the federal agencies’ need to comply with security mandates and positions CSC for success in an emerging high-growth market segment.”

Suitable for clients with information systems processing data at FISMA Moderate and FISMA Low system classification levels, CloudCompute for Government overcomes many objections that security-conscious organizations have to cloud adoption. Protected by CSC’s holistic defense-in-depth security framework, CloudCompute for Government delivers physical and logical security, virtual machines, access control and data integrity needed to support mission-critical applications. CSC’s CloudCompute for Government data centers and IT service management centers are located within the continental United States and are geographically dispersed, which provides redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities. Support staff are U.S. citizens with the appropriate federal agency personnel clearance levels.

CloudCompute for Government is built on the best-in-class, multi-tenancy architecture that has been utilized by the world’s top government and commercial organizations. CloudCompute for Government combines the powerful, fully integrated cloud fabric of VCE’s Vblock with CSC’s proven expertise in managed services and cybersecurity. Vblock combines leading virtualization software from VMware; unified networking, security and computing from Cisco; and storage security and management technologies from EMC.