DeTOS 7.1 Operating System Released with Devon Zero Client Configuration Features

Devon IT, a leading provider of thin client and VDI hardware and software solutions, today released DeTOS 7.1., the latest version of its Devon Terminal Operating System (DeTOS). The release includes powerful upgrades including wireless support, RDP 7.1, the latest Citrix Receiver 12, a new first boot wizard, and Devon Zero, a zero client configuration mode.

DeTOS 7.1 is available on all Devon IT thin clients and will be available as DeTOS Dell Edition on the Dell OptiPlex FX130 and FX170 thin clients.

“The release of the Devon Zero thin client configuration option was based on customer and partner feedback and will be a key element for us moving forward,” says Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT. “Our customers have always wanted high performance, improved security, and easier IT management, and with the support of RDP 7.1 and other features, we have delivered once again. We are proud of this OS release, and look forward to both Devon IT and Dell thin clients running DeTOS 7.1.”

DeTOS 7.1 features include:

  • Devon Zero Client Feature – Enables thin clients to operate in a zero configuration mode through DNS environments, giving IT administrators a valuable tool for managing their users.
  • Wireless & VPN – Thin clients running DeTOS can now detect and connect to the available wireless networks. VPN allows users to work remotely while retaining access to the devices and networks normally accessible from their workspace.
  • First Boot Wizard – Helps DeTOS users get up and running quicker. Network settings, connection types, terminal settings, and more can be established to prepare for remote sessions.
  • Local Printing – Users can identify and employ locally connected printers to print from their virtual desktop as well as from the local Firefox browser.
  • Firefox 5.0 Update – Provides users with an updated version of the popular browser. Operators can enjoy Firefox’s features and system administrators can utilize the kiosk mode to provide Internet browsing without giving desktop access to the user.
  • Citrix Receiver 12 – The latest Citrix client delivers the full Citrix remote desktop experience that users want.
  • RDP 7.1 Client – Offers DeTOS thin clients the benefits associated with this key protocol. RDP 7.1 boasts an impressive array of features that are tailored to make every remote desktop experience exceptional.

All VDI and thin client devices that run DeTOS 7.1 (or Devon IT’s WES operating systems) can be managed by Devon IT’s Echo™ thin client management software. Echo™ management software automates the distribution of settings and connections to the thin client terminals, enabling system and desktop administrators to create or copy new arrangements of settings, connections, and disk images to tailor the IT environment to their needs. Among the many available settings that can be utilized is the ability to apply a password for the DeTOS control panel that prevents the end users from altering or creating connections, giving administrators greater ability to prevent end user error.

“Our customers continue to show an increased interest in deploying thin clients for improved security and management,” noted Ian Geiser, Devon IT CTO. “However, they don’t want to compromise on user experience. Devon IT’s support of RDP 7.1, including embedding our latest ICA 12 client, makes the Devon IT and Dell thin client devices ideal Desktop Appliances for many customers. “

“Thin clients continue to advance rapidly, and Devon IT remains committed to advancing the virtual desktop space,” says Makoid. “I look forward to continuing our partnership with industry leaders such as Citrix, Dell, and Microsoft and expanding the use of thin clients and the server-based computing model across our collective customer bases.”