Gale Technologies Announces Next Generation Automation Software, GaleForce 6.0

Gale Technologies, a leading provider of infrastructure automation software solutions that power Infrastructure as a Service for labs, enterprises, and service providers, announced the general availability of the next major release of its flagship automation product, GaleForce 6.0. The GaleForce software is used across multiple IT environments to quickly and reliably build private and hybrid clouds out of existing physical and virtual resources.

“Nearly all environments today are a mix of physical and virtual, driving the need for cloud software to manage both physical and virtual resources with equal sophistication. In addition, with the growing acceptance of automation solutions, there is also an increasing demand for cloud automation software to be highly extensible and usable,” said Akhil Sahai, vice president of product management at Gale Technologies. “We are pleased to release GaleForce 6.0, our next generation automation software that is specifically designed for the cloud administrator who wants to quickly and reliably build private or hybrid clouds out of both legacy and new infrastructure, with an advanced, extensible, and yet intuitive tool.”

About GaleForce 6.0

GaleForce Software is used to power private and hybrid clouds within enterprise, government, technology vendor, and service provider markets. In 2011, GaleForce deployments doubled due in most part to its strong differentiated features of dynamic automated provisioning and de-provisioning across both physical and virtual environments.

GaleForce 6.0 is packed with new features that include:

  • Expanded Support for Virtualization Platforms: New automated functionality such as the ability to provision base metal servers with VMware hypervisor solutions, for both vSphere 4 and vSphere 5, as well as new virtualization management features for VMware vCenter Server. This release also includes expanded support for Citrix XenServer, and new support for Red Hat KVM.
  • New Orchestration Capability: New capability to create custom orchestration workflows that string automation operations in a series of steps that can be executed in sequence and in parallel for both setup provisioning and teardown of complex, heterogeneous environments.
  • Feature Enhancements: Enhancements to existing features include new pre-built and customizable reports for resource capacity and utilization, new auto-discovery and inventory management capabilities, and advanced scheduling features including priority-based scheduling of resource templates.
  • Platform Extensibility: New support for building language-independent Resource Adapters. Plus, integration with GaleForce core services has been simplified with the publishing of the Application Programming Interface (API) schemas as part of the Resource Adapter Software Development Kit (SDK).
  • New Automation Resource Adapters: Building on an already extensive library, new and enhanced Resource Adapters were released, including: NetApp vFiler, Data Fabric Manager (DFM), and Virtual Storage Console (VSC); Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), Nexus 5000, Nexus 7000, and Nexus 1000v; HP ILO-based servers; Dell DRAC-based servers; Citrix XenServer; VMware vCenter Server and vCloud Director; Red Hat KVM hypervisor; and layer 1 switches that include Curtiss-Wright, Cytec Mesa, and MRV Communications.

Pricing for GaleForce 6.0 is based on the number and types of resources used. Price for a single deployment typically starts at $25,000.