F5 Keeps Android Users Connected and Productive with New Secure Access Solutions

F5 Networks, the global leader in Application Delivery Networking, today announced that its BIG-IP® Edge Client™ is the industry’s first SSL VPN solution that provides comprehensive security and mobile access for all devices running Android 4.x (codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich). F5’s free, downloadable client enhances mobile user productivity by providing accelerated client access to corporate resources via a full SSL VPN connection.

In parallel, F5 has also developed a version of its BIG-IP Edge Client for “rooted” devices, which can be used by IT professionals to extend client support for devices running previous versions of the Android OS, or for testing and demonstration purposes. Additionally, F5 is introducing enhanced support for its BIG-IP Edge Portal™, which provides managed application access to enterprise web applications such as SharePoint, wikis, and Intranet sites.

“As a recognized leader in the SSL VPN market, customers continually look to us for solutions to address their evolving IT needs,” said Mark Vondemkamp, Director of Product Management at F5. “User requests to support the latest smartphones and tablets are a great example. Our Edge Client and Edge Portal applications give users secure, convenient, and fast access to company resources from the corporate and personal devices of their choice. With leading support for Android, Linux, and Apple iOS endpoints, F5 solutions provide flexible, optimized access to empower mobile users without sacrificing IT’s ability to manage applications and infrastructures.”

With F5’s new remote access solutions and mobile applications, organizations can:

  • Securely Extend IT Support Capabilities and Maintain Infrastructure Safeguards
    Without direct control of the individual devices they’re being asked to support, IT organizations often deny such access requests rather than risk exposure of sensitive data or materials. With F5’s new mobile applications, IT personnel can provide secure access for Android-based devices without jeopardizing their ability to protect and manage their systems.
  • Tailor IT Policies to Meet Specific Compliance Requirements and Business Needs
    With F5® solutions, IT teams can implement customizable access policies to provide managed mobile connectivity for contractors, partners, or specific groups of employees. Organizations can also grant full network access or limited web access to specific applications, depending on business priorities and personnel requirements.
  • Improve User Experience and Accelerate Client Access with BIG-IP Edge Gateway
    When implemented together, the BIG-IP Edge Gateway™ solution and the BIG-IP Edge Client provide accelerated application performance for Android devices, enabling users to access applications up to 10 times faster. In addition, BIG-IP Edge Client keeps smartphone and tablet users connected as they change locations, moving from LAN to a wireless network or mobile hotspot, for example.

Additional SSL VPN Solution Enhancements from F5

In conjunction with new Android-focused solutions, F5 is introducing technologies to better support organizations’ users and SSL VPN infrastructures, including:

  • The industry’s first remote access solutions that are truly IPv6 capable – F5’s SSL VPN offerings allow organizations to simultaneously support mixed IPv4 and IPv6 environments, helping IT teams scale and transition their infrastructures while ensuring business continuity.
  • Virtual editions for maximized efficiency – Customers can now deploy BIG-IP® Edge Gateway™ and WebAccelerator™ without adding new hardware, enabling organizations to better support virtual and cloud environments.
  • Superior remote access scalability – BIG-IP Access Policy Manager™ is now available on F5’s award-winning VIPRION® chassis, meaning customers can support up to 100,000 concurrent users at a fraction of the cost of competitors’ offerings.

F5’s BIG-IP Edge Client, BIG-IP Edge Client for rooted devices, and BIG-IP Edge Portal can be downloaded from the Google Android Market. All other F5 solutions mentioned in this announcement are available today with BIG-IP version 11.1 software.