FiberConnect 320X Upgraded with Government, Multi-Tenant Security Features and Configuration Flexibility

CALIENT Technologies, Inc., the global leader for photonic switching technology, today announced a software upgrade to its FiberConnect 320X (FC320X) photonic switch that improves security in multi-tenant applications and adds new configuration flexibility.

The improvements are included in version 2.4 of the FC320X operating software. The software can be used to create port groups of any number of ports and assign a specific user to manage and view traffic from that port group. This is particularly important in multi-tenant applications, where secure virtual networks must be built and managed independently.

For government applications that involve multiple security clearance levels, the port group management feature supports seven user classification levels, which allows port group management to be segregated by security clearance level.

“The FiberConnect 320X is the highest density photonic switch on the market and the expanded virtualization features provide the security needed to truly make the best use of that density in government applications,” said Daniel Tardent, director of product marketing at CALIENT.

The FiberConnect 320X platform offers the industry’s highest density photonic switch with 640 fiber terminations or 320 ports (transmit and receive). It is based on CALIENT’s 3D microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology that uses silicon micro mirrors to switch incoming fiber-optic signals from port to port. The product has an installed base of 80,000 fiber terminations, is Telcordia proven and has been shipping for eight years.

To ease installation, the new software brings an innovative pre-configuration mode that allows the switch to be set up using dark fiber. Previously, the FiberConnect 320X needed lit fiber to be configured. Version 2.4 of the software also features a new graphical user interface (GUI), including an improved snapshot of all the ports with color coordinated statuses and a simplified process of enabling cross-connections, now in as little as three clicks.

For telecom users, the new software expands the number of TL1 commands that can be used, providing better switch information in telecom networks that leverage the TL1 management protocol.

Version 2.4 of the software is now shipping with all FiberConnect 320X switches, and is available for field upgrades.