GigaSpaces Announces New Cloudify Community to Support Open Source Product

GigaSpaces Technologies, a pioneer of next generation application platforms for business-critical applications, announces the launch of the CloudifySource Community to support its new open source product that enables organizations to easily on-board and manage any application, on any cloud, with zero code change. Cloudify is provided fully-featured with support for most cloud environments, making the management, deployment and scaling of many OSS products on any cloud simpler than ever.

Built using community driven tools such as GitHub pages, Disqus and ZenDesk, the CloudifySource Community was founded on the premise of promoting collaboration, enabling active participation of its users by:

  • Using and contributing to the Cloudify project source code,
  • Voting on the Cloudify road-map, as well as suggesting features ideas,
  • Sharing recipes and plug-ins for common application stacks,
  • Contributing to the community site’s content – documentation, blog, webinars, and more.

“We enabled the forking of not only the Cloudify open source product’s code from GitHub, but also the entire community itself, because we really hope to leverage the developer user-base to enrich the user experience and ecosystem,” says Uri Cohen, VP Product Management at GigaSpaces.

Available today at are demos and documentation that demonstrate how Cloudify users can easily deploy their apps using any platform – MongoDB, Cassandra, Tomcat, and many others, onto the cloud of their choice from Amazon, RackSpace, OpenStack, CloudStack, via HP Cloud Services, among others.

“Until now the information on setting up an application environment that includes the development, pre-production and production environments was scattered in various papers, scripts, groups, and plainly in people’s heads. Cloudify consolidates all this into a single simple and readable recipe. And now that we can define a complete environment in code in a consistent way, it has only become natural that we share, contribute and collaborate on these environments with different groups and users. The Cloudify community was set up with this purpose in mind, to facilitate these activities, as has proven quite successful with similar communities, such as the DevOps community for Chef, and Big Data and NoSQL communities like Cassandra, and MongoDB,” continues Cohen.