The Next Generation HP ProLiant Server Line: A Powerful Platform for Virtualization

Server Virtualization HP Proliant
Server Virtualization

Seeking to lower power and cooling costs, simplify administration and conserve data center floor space, businesses of every size are rapidly virtualizing their physical infrastructures. As a result, demand is greater than ever for server hardware capable of handling virtualization workloads with maximum efficiency.

The next generation of HP ProLiant servers and blades offers the processing power, memory footprint, management features and energy efficiency that organizations need to streamline their virtual environments. Equipped with the AMD Opteron™ 6000 Series platform—AMD’s newest and most powerful processing platform—as well as sophisticated built-in management technologies, advanced power optimization features and innovative network connection technologies, HP’s next-generation ProLiant servers can help IT departments increase consolidation ratios, reduce downtime and shorten deployment times for new virtual machines.

This white paper discusses the unique requirements that virtualization imposes on host hardware and shows how the next-generation ProLiant server line can help companies with virtualized data centers achieve rapid ROI and dramatically lower their operational expenses.

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