Lancope Achieves Significant Revenue Growth in 2011

Lancope, Inc., a leader in flow-based security and network performance monitoring, today announced that it achieved remarkable corporate and technology milestones in 2011. These milestones include 13 consecutive quarters of profitability and quadrupling the number of million-dollar deals over the previous year. Overall, Lancope’s revenue grew by 45 percent in 2011, and the company signed on 47 brand new customers, bringing its total customer count to more than 550 enterprises around the globe. Lancope is also experiencing a 95 percent renewal rate among its customers.

“Our accomplishments this year validate the criticality of NetFlow for gaining end-to-end network visibility and maintaining high levels of performance and security for government and enterprise infrastructure,” said Mike Potts, president and CEO of Lancope. “As networks continue to grow in complexity, and online attackers become even more nefarious, more and more organizations are turning to Lancope’s flow-based monitoring technology to fill in the gaps left by conventional security solutions.”

Lancope also achieved several significant advancements in its StealthWatch System in 2011. Unlike conventional solutions that block attacks at the perimeter or rely on signature updates, StealthWatch leverages NetFlow and other types of flow data from existing systems to provide comprehensive, continuous awareness of everything happening on the network. This complete visibility eliminates network blind spots and dramatically expedites troubleshooting for a wide range of network and security issues – at a fraction of the cost of traditional monitoring solutions.

With the launch of StealthWatch 6.0 in early 2011, Lancope added key capabilities for application awareness, advanced reporting and relational flow mapping. Q3 2011 saw the subsequent release of StealthWatch 6.1, which extended behavioral analytics to perimeter devices like firewalls, enabling the integration of internal and external monitoring for more advanced contextual awareness.

Version 6.1 also doubled StealthWatch’s maximum flow processing speed to 3 million flows per second, and expanded its storage capabilities to up to four terabytes. To further assist customers in achieving a single, consolidated view into their network infrastructure, Lancope also added interoperability with SIEM technology from HP ArcSight into StealthWatch in 2011.

These efforts resulted in several awards for Lancope, including one for “Best Network Security” in the GSN Homeland Security Awards, as well as the Frost & Sullivan Global Customer Value Enhancement Award for Network Performance and Cloud-Based Application Monitoring. The company was also invited to present at several prominent industry events in 2011, including Interop, Infosecurity Europe, Cisco Live and several vertical conferences in the healthcare and education sectors.

User education continued to be a major focus for Lancope in 2011 as the company advised enterprises on how to maximize their use of flow data for vastly improved network and security operations. Lancope presented more than 30 of its popular ‘University of NetFlow’ seminars last year, as well as monthly webinars with guests including Cisco and Forrester Research. Lancope also collaborated with Enterprise Management Associates in 2011 to examine and produce an educational report on NetFlow trends and usages.

“As a result of trends such as IT consumerization and virtualization, the threat landscape and enterprise computing requirements will continue to become more intricate in 2012 and beyond,” added Potts. “Now more than ever, organizations need to seek out advanced solutions like StealthWatch to keep them at the leading edge of security.”