Lite-On Delivers Storage Advancements with Dell PowerEdge Servers

Dell PowerEdge R730xd Server

Lite-On today announced that it is providing solid-state drives for Dell’s latest portfolio of PowerEdge servers, including the unique 1.8-inch SSD form factor option customized for Dell. The new Lite-On SSDs provide new levels of storage density, flexibility and performance, as well as new monitoring features that further protect data across the enterprise.

The combination of Lite-On SSDs and Dell PowerEdge servers enable customers to accelerate applications by bringing data closer to the processor for increased application performance. For example, with Lite-On’s cost effective N9S 1.8-inch SATA flash drives, the Dell PowerEdge R630 can deliver customers up to 2.4 times the input/output operations per second (IOPS) in the same amount of space as 2.5-inch SSDs.(1)

With the PowerEdge R730xd, the first hybrid storage server in the industry to employ Lite-On’s 1.8-inch SATA flash drives, Dell provides up to 100TB of storage for workloads such as Microsoft Exchange, where it also delivers up to a 50 percent increase in mailbox size over previous generation servers.(2)

“Recent research has reported that 70 percent of IT decision-makers have been negatively affected by performance issues when running applications requiring fast access to data – an alarming figure,” said Brian Payne, executive director, Dell server solutions. “Dell’s 13th generation of PowerEdge servers includes a slew of new innovations, such as Lite-On’s dense 1.8-inch SATA flash drives, enabling customers to accelerate application performance by up to 11x and meet unique application and workload requirements.”

Lite-On drives feature end-to-end data protection with self-regulated temperature control features that detect heat levels in real-time and adapt to bring temperatures back to specifications, as well as performance monitoring to indicate when a unit will need to be replaced. The drives also feature power loss protection to automatically extend write operation in the event of a power loss.

Lite-On N9S Series SATA SSDs are available in 1.8-inch and 2.5-inch form factor configurations with capacities ranging from 60GB up to 2TB.

Darlo Perez, Managing Director of Lite-On Storage SBG, said, “This exciting collaboration between Lite-On and Dell takes us to a new level of product advancement and recognizes the evolving needs of our customers in the server industry. Dell is providing leading-edge servers and we’re pleased to provide them with a versatile product designed for the widest range of workloads.”

All Lite-On SSDs offer consistent high performance and low power consumption for the most demanding hyperscale environments and specialized group of users. Lite-On drives have a MTBF (mean time between failures) of 2 million hours and an endurance rating of up to 1 drive write per day for 3 years.

(1) Based on Dell analysis, August 2014.
(2) Based on August 2014 Dell testing comparing a 13G R730xd 16×3.5” to a 12G R720xd 12×3.5” server both running Windows Server 2012.