Arcserve Unveils the First All-in-One Data Protection Appliance

Data Protection Appliance
Arcserve 7000X Unified Data Protection Appliance

Arcserve announced the industry’s first complete data protection appliance. The Arcserve® Unified Data Protection (UDP) 7000 Appliance is the most cost effective and radically simple on the market. Through UDP’s Assured Recovery™ capabilities, it simplifies disaster recovery activities for SMB and mid-market organizations that want a “set and forget” backup and recovery solution.

“Customers are looking for new answers to old problems: with goals of comprehensive protection across their diverse infrastructure, a hybrid approach that includes deduplicated disk, long-term tape and agility within the cloud – all within an easy to deploy/easy to manage platform. Arcserve’s resurgence in the backup market in 2015 with its new UDP software, its renewed focus after spinning out of CA, and new offerings like this appliance should have customers excited about a prodigal giant in data protection returning to its innovation roots.” – Jason Buffington, senior data protection analyst, ESG

Arcserve UDP Appliance: All-In-One and Radically Simple
“The Arcserve UDP Appliance is a backup and recovery revolution, not an evolution. It has a unique and broad set of features such as cloud-native capabilities, global source-based deduplication, multi-site replication, tape support, and automated data recovery. As a result, our customers and partners get a combination of ease of deployment and usability, operational agility and efficiency and price point that is unmatched in the industry.” – Steve Fairbanks, vice president, Products, Arcserve

The Arcserve UDP 7000 Appliance portfolio is powered by Arcserve UDP, a next generation unified architecture for both virtual and physical environments. It can fit into a traditional software / server UDP deployment with the same feature set, and is managed from the same console. UDP appliances are also entirely interoperable between UDP systems.

Key specs and features include:

  • 5 models in 3 capacities to protect from 1 up to 26 TB of source data.
  • Global deduplication, encryption, compression and WAN optimized replication
  • New UDP wizard simplifies setup and shortens time to first backup to less than 15 minutes
  • All the features and capabilities of Arcserve UDP Advanced Server Edition in a simple yet extremely powerful all-in-one appliance
  • Leverages a combination of SATA, SAS and SSD drives for optimized performance
  • Multiple offsite protection options including automatic replication to UDP appliance(s) residing in public or private clouds or secondary office sites or backing up appliance directly to tape.
  • Host-based, agentless backup for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Assured Recovery options include local, remote or cloud virtual standby, bare metal recovery, granular application recovery or simple file recovery

Arcserve appliances can replicate to centralized appliances, including those at cloud-hosted locations where global source-based deduplication saves network traffic and enables cloud solutions. Environments where UDP data stores are hosted include Amazon and hybrid private/public cloud environments. In the near future, Arcserve will provide a branded cloud environment where customers and MSPs can configure virtual cloud-hosted Arcserve UDP appliances to which their on-premise appliances can be replicated.

Customer and Channel Partner Response
The UDP appliances are ideal set and forget systems for branch or decentralized offices or as the primary backup, deduplication, disaster recovery and cloud gateway appliance for an SMB or mid-market organization:

“As a Managed Service Provider company that deals with disaster recovery, my reputation is on the line if anything happens. I’ll sleep better at night knowing that my customer sites have the UDP appliance protecting their data.” – Ian Richardson, CEO, Doberman Technologies

“Being at the customer site and watching the installation – they racked it, turned it on and everything was there. It demystifies ‘it’s going to be hard to install.’ We’ve sold many appliances through the years but the Arcserve appliance is a different animal. We’re looking forward to deploying these appliances in many customer environments.” – Todd Crystal, president, Spencomp Solutions

“As a long-term Arcserve customer, I’m really impressed with this new breed of appliance. I’m not the IT guy and I set up the Arcserve UDP Appliance myself. It’s easy to deploy and has lots of features including the deduplication which is very efficient.” – Gary Hirschfield, director, Administration, Sunrise Capital

The Arcserve UDP 7000 Appliance is available for pre-orders and will be available to the SMB market in North America in March 2015. It will be available in other countries by Fall 2015. Additional models with higher capacities will become available to the mid-market in the next few quarters.