Shunra Introduces NetworkCatcher Express Mobile App

Shunra, the industry-recognized authority in network virtualization and application performance engineering, today announced the availability of NetworkCatcher Express for iPhone and Android, their newest mobile application performance engineering offering.

With NetworkCatcher Express Mobile, organizations now have a way to immediately measure network performance from a mobile phone and subsequently use that captured data to virtualize network conditions within the test lab. By speeding the discovery of real-world network conditions, NetworkCatcher Express Mobile expedites the test process and helps ensure that test results accurately reflect real-world application performance.

This mobile app, available now in both the Apple App Store and the Android Market, provides on-demand measurements of the mobile network on which it is being used. Users simply download the app and select a test destination – any addressable domain or IP address can be tested. The app will connect via the mobile network to the selected destination and measure both packet loss and network latency. Once it captures these network conditions, NetworkCatcher Express Mobile displays the results graphically and emails a summary of network conditions and specific impairment measurements for analysis.

In addition to a summary email, NetworkCatcher Express Mobile generates a dynamic results file that contains the captured network conditions. This file can be easily imported into Shunra’s core application performance testing solutions, Shunra PerformanceSuite or Shunra vCat, in order to reliably recreate real-world mobile network conditions within the application test environment.

“As organizations continue to engage both a mobile workforce and mobile customer base, there is a growing and necessary focus on application performance,” said Gary Jackson, CEO of Shunra. “Organizations can no longer afford to deploy tested applications only to find they don’t perform as expected. NetworkCatcher Express Mobile represents one more way we are arming companies with knowledge about the effect of real-world networks on the performance of their applications.”

Today’s announcement from Shunra represents a continuing focus from the company on enabling more accurate and reliable testing platforms for mobile applications. The company expects several additional announcements in the first quarter of 2012 in support of this effort, including partnerships and additional product capabilities.