MariaDB Galera cluster : Best practices

MariaDB Galera cluster is a synchronous multi-master cluster with many intriguing features like synchronous replication, active-active multi-master topology, automatic node provisioning, etc. This presentation will cover many of the best practices including pitfalls that Database Administrators and DevOps must keep in mind while managing the MariaDB Galera cluster. …Full session details here:

The Jenkings OpenStack plugin for Smooth DevOps Orchestration

The DevOps methodology is revolutionizing how enterprises approach rapid development, deployment, continuous integration and continuous delivery. It represents a fundamental change in the way businesses manage their operating environments. In this session we will discuss the tools and technologies from SUSE and the open-source community that can help you automate and streamline moving code from… Continue reading The Jenkings OpenStack plugin for Smooth DevOps Orchestration

A DevOps State of Mind

A DevOps State of Mind Rapid innovation, changing business landscapes, and new IT demands force businesses to make changes quickly. The DevOps approach is a way to increase business agility through collaboration, communication, and integration across different teams in the IT organization.