Talari Networks Brings Dramatic Savings for Enterprise-Grade Branch Office Connectivity

Talari Networks, Inc. today announced the addition of the Mercury T510 appliance to its family of Adaptive Private Networking (APN) products for WAN Virtualization, offering enterprise-grade connectivity for small branch offices. The company also announced an accompanying software release, APNware 2.3, which introduces system-wide improvements that simultaneously boost WAN reliability and provide accurate accounting on the availability of underlying networks.

Talari’s newest entry-level appliance, the T510, offers enhanced hardware within a 1U rack with integrated power supply (PSU) and 1 Gb Ethernet interfaces. Designed for SOHO and small remote branch offices, the whisper-quiet model delivers up to 24 MB/second across one to three WAN connections. Replacing the Mercury T200, the T510 complements Talari’s higher-capacity, rack-mountable Mercury T730, T750 and T3000 models.

APNware 2.3 features easier integration into complex networks, geographic redundancy for network control nodes, and enhanced reporting at the network and application levels.

“While we were testing our geographic redundancy feature, there was a major Internet blackout in North America,” said John Dickey, vice president of Engineering at Talari Networks. “In spite of the fact that two of our service providers were taken out, the new APNware ensured that our network kept working.” The Internet outage was caused by a router bug as reported in early November 2011.

Talari’s networking solutions are part of a new product class developed to deliver a revolutionary approach to building corporate WANs by increasing bandwidth using additional network resources from various Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including both high-speed Internet connections at customers’ central locations, and broadband connections (DSL and cable where available) at branch locations.

WAN Virtualization provides reliable, cost-effective support for business applications such as VoIP and virtual desktop infrastructure, allowing organizations to take advantage of the affordability of broadband without foregoing business quality, reliability or availability.

“As the market more fully embraces WAN Virtualization and the use of multiple network connections at each site, we are able to find more ways to solve real networking problems for our customers, and this maturity is now reflected in the depth of our product range,” explained Keith Morris, VP of Marketing.

The Mercury T510 appliance is available now with a suggested list price between $3,995 and $5,995 depending on configuration.