Twilio Announces Expansion to Five European Countries

Twilio, the cloud communications company, has today announced the expansion into five European countries. The San Francisco based startup is launching phone numbers for Austria, Denmark, France, Ireland, and Poland for use with the Twilio Voice API which is used to make and receive telephone calls programmatically. In addition, Twilio is announcing the availability of its SMS API for UK phone numbers.

Twilio’s communications platform simplifies a century of complex telecommunications technologies into simple, web-based building blocks that anyone with access to basic software programming skills can use to build incredibly powerful and robust applications.

“As Twilio expands to Europe, we are better able to empower its thriving developer communities,” said Thomas Schiavone, Product Manager at Twilio. “Our goal is to offer developers one API with complete global reach for any communication application they build.”

Twilio opened its London office, its first outside the US, in October 2011. The company swiftly followed the launch with an announcement of $17 million in Series C funding, part of which will be used to aid global expansion. Since launching in the UK market, the company has seen growth of over 375% in recent months.

“Twilio’s API has enabled us to connect effortlessly with Airbnb guests and hosts, worldwide,” said Andrew Vilcsak, Mobile Platform Lead at Airbnb. “We’re able to reliably verify the phone numbers, provide 24/7 phone support, and help our guests connect with their hosts before they arrive.”