INX to Implement Virtualized Data Center Storage System for a National Health Plan Provider

INX Inc. to implement NetApp and VMware data storage solution for a national health plan provider.

A national health plan provider, based in the Pacific Northwest, provides insurance solutions that improve the health, well-being, peace of mind and financial security of its members. The health plan company has a national presence that expands to all 50 states and Washington, D.C. When the organization experienced limitations to their data system, they knew it was time to replace the legacy solution in favor of a state-of-the-art, enterprise-class data management solution. INX was awarded the four-part contract to design and integrate their data storage system, including backup and recovery, responsible for their mission critical applications.

The health plan organization required the new data storage solution to be scalable, have the necessary management tools and meet the business needs for future growth. Over the last 18 months, INX has replaced approximately 68 terabytes with a NetApp architecture consisting of nearly 200 terabytes. The virtualized storage system is designed to handle backup and recovery needs utilizing NetApp’s software feature to create “Snapshots” that can be used to restore the system quickly in the event of an outage or disaster. The data center solution runs mission critical applications, including Oracle and Microsoft Exchange. The system will be configured with VMware ESX hypervisor to virtualize resources.

The national health plan group and INX have a business partnership that has traditionally been built around data infrastructure and networking solutions. As part of this project, INX collaborated with the organization to identify the business needs and requirements so that they could be sure to map the solution to meet these demands. The success of the existing relationship, coupled with the strong relationship and expertise INX has with NetApp, contributed largely to INX being awarded the contract.

Mark Hilz, President and CEO of INX, said, “Data center and data management solutions continue to be strategic initiatives for enterprise companies. Due to industry requirements, especially in healthcare, companies everywhere are retaining more data for longer periods of time. These requirements are resulting in a need for storage and backup and recovery solutions that can provide quick access to data. INX is pleased to be partnering with industry leaders like NetApp and VMware to provide architectures and proven solutions to our clients.”

The four-part contract is worth $500,000 in revenue to INX and will be completed in the late Fall of 2011.