Quest Software Meets the Need for Serious Virtual Data Protection

The virtual world is the norm for most IT departments today, but their data protection strategies often remain stuck in the physical realm. Backup and recovery solutions that excel in physical environments don’t fare as well in their virtual counterparts, however, often resulting in excessive resource usage that starves virtual machines and slows business operations to a crawl. It’s time for organizations to get serious about fully maximizing the cost-savings and efficiency that virtualization delivers, with a data protection plan specifically built for the virtual environment. Quest Software enables customers to meet this need and optimize their virtual data protection strategies by combining market-leading VMware backup, replication and recovery with critical data reduction and granular application recovery capabilities.

Quest’s New Product Integrations Deliver Serious Virtual Data Protection Capabilities:

  • Quest vRanger® 5.3 delivers full integration with NetVault® SmartDisk, enabling customers to combine best-in-class VMware backup, replication and recovery with true enterprise-grade, software-based deduplication
    • Tests on various types of backup data in VMware environments show that leveraging NetVault SmartDisk’s powerful deduplication and advanced data compression in tandem with vRanger allows customers to achieve deduplication ratios of between 20:1 and 50:1
    • This potent combination helps businesses combat data growth by significantly reducing the size of their backups, at a fraction of the cost of similar hardware-based approaches to deduplicating VMware backups
    • vRanger 5.3 provides enhanced support for VMware’s vSphere 5, including the new vStorage API for Data Protection; backup and restores over SAN transport to VMFS5; and Storage vMotion
    • Visit Quest Booth 36 at VMworld 2011 in Copenhagen, to preview vRanger 5.3, which will be generally available late in the fourth quarter.
  • Quest’s recently announced full integration between vRanger and Recovery Manager for SharePoint (RMSP) sets a new standard in application-level recovery within VMware environments, enabling customers to conduct granular item- and site-level restores from a complete virtual machine backup created with Quest vRanger
    • The integration reduces a previously two-step recovery process down to a single step, saving significant time for customers
      • Instead of having to restore an entire virtual machine with vRanger and then conduct a file-level search using RMSP, customers now can use RMSP to search directly from the vRanger backup for faster, simpler and more deeply integrated recovery
    • The integration between vRanger and RMSP also enables a “backup once, restore any” approach to data protection, in which customers can leverage image-based backups that allow for full VM, file or application recovery
    • Similar integration between vRanger and Recovery Manager for Exchange (RME) is expected to be generally available late in the fourth quarter, or early in 2012. RME gives customers the ability to search for and recover Microsoft® Exchange Server emails, mailboxes and attachments from a simple yet powerful interface.
      • Both RMSP and RME are available alongside vRanger in one cost-effective package via Quest’s recently launched Total Virtual Data Protection suite.
  • For enterprise customers who need a more deeply integrated backup and recovery experience, Quest NetVault® Backup also is now fully integrated with RMSP and RME
    • NetVault Backup is an enterprise level data protection solution that provides complete protection for both physical and virtual environments, and includes broad support for multiple operating systems and all popular database applications
    • The integration of NetVault Backup with RMSP and RME extends Quest’s single-source solution, and provides superior, granular recovery capabilities for critical business environments – including mission-critical data living with virtualized applications – to make protecting and recovering your complete enterprise fast and easy