Server Virtualization

Nexus Achieves VMware Healthcare Specialization

Nexus IS, Inc. (“Nexus”) today announced that it has successfully completed the VMware Healthcare specialization. This achievement demonstrates that Nexus is committed to becoming an expert in VMware virtualization and cloud solutions for Healthcare customers. Further, in achieving this specialization, Nexus acknowledges that this distinction and VMware solutions are key accelerators for enabling their growth in the virtualization market.

“As more healthcare organizations transition from paper-based to electronic systems in tune with federal stimulus mandates and compliance, Nexus has a tremendous opportunity to assist in adopting technology in an evolutionary way,” said Donn Wurts, Managing Principal for Nexus’ Healthcare Practice. “With the VMware Healthcare Specialization, we’re distinguishing our high level of healthcare expertise and differentiating our offerings in the market.”

“VMware is pleased to recognize Nexus for achieving the VMware Healthcare specialization. Achieving this specialization demonstrates to customers that Nexus is committed to be an expert in helping Healthcare customers virtualize their IT environments, enabling them to confidently select Nexus as a solution provider capable of delivering VMware solutions to customers on the journey to cloud computing,” said Doug Smith, Vice President of Partner Strategy & Operations, VMware. “We value our partnership with Nexus and we appreciate their efforts in achieving this VMware distinction.”

VMware has established specializations as designations of Healthcare expertise that enable customers to identify partners with the highest level of VMware technical solution knowledge and experience. VMware partners with specializations are able to earn customer credibility by driving deeper into customer engagements, based on their knowledge and ability with the Healthcare market.

The VMware Partner Network is a comprehensive program that provides a common infrastructure, extensive sales and services tools, margin opportunities and industry-recognized training for the entire VMware partner ecosystem, including solution providers, technology partners and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The VMware Partner Network is designed to help ensure a more consistent and successful user experience as well as help partners increase their business potential by improving their skills in VMware solutions. The program helps partners maximize their investments in VMware’s virtualization and cloud portfolio to provide customers with the best end-to-end virtualization solutions available.

About Nexus IS, Inc.
Based in Valencia, CA, Nexus leverages its extensive experience and expertise to enable organizations to Connect, Collaborate, and Create. We do this by providing expertise in end-to-end technology solutions based on five distinct, yet complementary practices: Collaboration, Data Center, Borderless Networks, Business Video, and Managed Services. Nexus partners with industry leaders including Cisco, EMC, Microsoft, NEC and VMware to ensure its customers are provided the most comprehensive and competitive solutions.

Cloud Computing

Aria Systems Delivers Breakthrough Technology That Eliminates Software Maintenance Downtime for Cloud Billing

Scheduled downtime for code rollouts causes lost revenues for enterprises that rely on mission critical cloud services. To eliminate these scheduled downtimes and speed up deployment of new features and customizations, Aria Systems (, the leading provider of cloud billing and subscription management solutions, upgraded its platform to solve this cloud industry-wide problem. Today Aria became the first in the software-as-a-service-billing industry to announce that it is rolling out new product features, enhancements, customizations and bug fixes without impacting service availability. All existing and new Aria customers immediately benefit from this new technology.

The Impact on Global Businesses
“Scheduled software downtime has unfortunately become an acceptable cost of running a business that relies on computers, but it is particularly disruptive and costly to global enterprises that sell products and services online 24/7,” said Mike Morini, president and CEO, Aria Systems. “When routine code rollouts affect the availability of billing systems–whether they are built in-house or delivered by SaaS providers–it brings e-commerce to a halt. We felt this was an unacceptable cost of doing business. With this announcement, Aria’s customers enjoy a strong competitive advantage because they can more quickly access new capabilities without disruption to their businesses.”

Aria Eliminates: “This service is temporarily unavailable due to product release”

Cloud availability and service uptime are critical to business continuity for enterprises that rely on software-as-a-service billing systems to grow their revenues. Aria’s new breakthrough technology ensures that Aria’s customers will never see: “This service is temporarily unavailable due to product release.”

Gartner notes in the Hype Cycle for Business Continuity Management and IT Disaster Recovery Management, 2011: “The business effects of downtime can be significant for some business processes, such as those affecting revenue, regulatory compliance, customer loyalty, health and safety. Where the business impact is significant, enterprises should invest in continuous availability architectures.”

Innovation and Customization = Competitive Advantage
“One of the biggest complaints people have with their service providers is scheduled downtime for maintenance–just look at the chat boards,” said Derek Choy, Aria Systems VP of engineering. Choy, who spent eight years at the helm of the engineering team that built eBay’s Billing and Payments Platform before joining Aria in June, further stated, “We believe technology innovation and customization is key to providing cloud billing services that give our customers a competitive edge. Aria now has the flexibility and agility to deploy innovations and customers’ design requests without having to wait for a maintenance window.

Cloud Computing

Dell Sees Continued Growth in Cloud-Based Medical Archive

With the acquisition of InSite One in December 2010, new strategic alliances and plans for global deployment, Dell is enabling more healthcare providers to efficiently store, manage and share medical imaging data through one of the largest cloud-based medical archive platforms.

Dell currently manages more than 65 million clinical studies, more than 4.5 billion diagnostic imaging objects and supports more than 800 clinical sites in the cloud – a nearly 25 percent increase in managed objects compared with a year ago.

The addition of InSite One’s secure, cloud-based, image management software and storage services – now known as the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive – to Dell’s Unified Clinical Archive provides a single-source end-to-end solution designed to simplify data retention, facilitate disaster recovery and allow medical professionals to access and share images across a variety of applications and platforms.

New Alliances and Global Deployment

As hospitals and other healthcare providers face the challenges of data deluge, they need secure solutions that support efficiency and mobility. Dell has teamed with imaging leaders such as Merge Healthcare, Calgary Scientific and Novarad to further enhance its UCA solution and bring even more users into the medical imaging archiving cloud.

  • Merge Healthcare has selected Dell as a preferred provider of cloud computing services, storage and enterprise hardware products to simplify information access, management and archiving among its portfolio of image interoperability solutions. Utilizing its cloud-based health information technology, Dell will host Merge Healthcare’s Project Honeycomb, one of the nation’s largest medical image sharing networks.
  • Calgary Scientific Inc., a leading innovator in advanced visualization solutions and web, mobile and collaboration-enabling platforms, has strategically collaborated with Dell to enhance mobility and add advanced web-enabled visualization to Dell’s already robust UCA solution. The pairing is designed to provide physicians with real-time, high-performance access to diagnostic images and patient information from wherever they may be.
  • Novarad will make its NovaPACS technology available with Dell’s UCA solution under a reseller agreement. NovaPACS is a complete, turnkey PACS offering fast image retrieval and a full-feature viewer with intuitive interface.

Earlier this year, Dell announced a $1 billion investment in cloud and solutions infrastructure including the deployment of several new data centers worldwide. In early 2012, Dell will offer cloud-based managed enterprise archival services as part of its UCA solution in the United Kingdom, supported by the new data center located in Slough. Cloud-based medical archiving will be available to healthcare providers in other regions later in the year.

Variety of Storage Options Available
For providers who want on-premise management, Dell’s On-Premise Clinical Archive features the DX6000 platform. It can be paired with the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive for off-site disaster recovery redundancy and instant capacity expansion. Full consulting, deployment and support services are available for either configuration.

Dell is continuing to leverage its portfolio of enterprise storage solutions to target key information retention challenges in healthcare. From cloud medical archiving and disaster recovery, to primary and onsite storage, Dell™ Compellent™, EqualLogic™ and DX Object Storage Platform solutions enable healthcare organizations to securely, efficiently and cost-effectively store, manage and access critical data.

Future of the Cloud
Dell is committed to helping healthcare organizations leverage cloud-based solutions to improve efficiency and patient care and provide a platform for collaboration. Through a new initiative announced earlier this month, Dell is donating the secure cloud-based IT infrastructure to support the world’s first personalized medicine clinical trial for pediatric cancer conducted by the Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium (NMTRC) and supported by The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen).

Dell at RSNA 2011
Dell experts will be showcasing Dell’s UCA solution at RSNA 2011, the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, Nov. 27-Dec. 1 in Chicago at booth #8713.

Cloud Computing

Virtustream Revolutionizes Cloud IaaS Market by Delivering ‘Sub-Virtual Machine’ Provisioning and Billing Architecture

xStream Has Proven More Efficient Than a Full Spectrum of Cloud Solutions, from AWS to VCE at VMworld 2011

Virtustream, Inc., a leading cloud services provider, today announced that it credits its patent-pending Infrastructure Unit (IU) architecture as the principal reason for its early success in the both the web-scale and enterprise cloud markets.

Virtustream’s multi-tenant xStream cloud platform uses IUs, rather than VMs or VM-hours, to provision, manage and guarantee compute resources. The IU is a logically assigned combination of compute, memory, network bandwidth and storage IOPS that were optimally defined based upon analyzing tens of thousands of client workload statistics across a broad range of application environments. The xStream cloud stack leverages its core provisioning IU unit of measure, its hypervisor-agnostic software management layer, its heavily virtualized network communication architecture, and its innovative use of storage virtualization to provision, track and control the client’s workload.

This allows xStream to afford two primary advantages to its customers:

  • xStream can size, and thus price, customer requirements more efficiently than VM-based allocation methods of cloud provisioning. xStream’s IU definition and supporting architecture fundamentally eliminates unused Virtual Machine capacity. Furthermore, xStream aggregates usage across all client workload requirements to provide for true consumption-based billing. It has been found that for environments requiring more than 25 average sized virtual machines, xStream prices more efficiently than commodity cloud provider AWS, while also affording superior performance guarantees.
  • xStream leverages its IU-based provisioning engine, proprietary resource pooling techniques, and supporting multi-tenant software to control, and thus guarantee, client workload IOPS. This is critical for managing transaction-intensive applications in client production environments as it allows xStream to provide market-leading SLAs on throughput and response time. Furthermore, xStream can define and isolate fully securitized private cloud environments within its multi-tenant core. This allows xStream to provide superior performance guarantees compared to those of most private cloud providers while still leveraging the elasticity and economics of multi-tenancy. It has been found that when applied to private cloud environments xStream can be up to 50 percent more cost effective than bulkier appliance-based, single-hypervisor solutions such as VCE.

“Our mission has been to bring true efficiency to the cloud provisioning space, and in doing so we have essentially invented a method for delivering virtualized VMs,” said Rodney Rogers, Chairman and CEO of Virtustream. “We bill clients for what they actually consume, not what they are allocated as a serving. No one else, from AWS to VCE, can do this let alone also provide the performance guarantees we do.”

Virtustream’s innovation in the space has led to its inclusion in industry leading associations including the Distributed Management Task Force, the Open Data Center Alliance, VMware’s Partner Technical Advisory Board and the SAP Technology Advisory Board.

The company plans to make its APIs available to the public in Q4, along with launching an initiative to make its IU definition accepted as the de facto unit of measure for compute workloads. Currently there is no commonly accepted way to normalize compute in the way electricity uses the kilowatt. Virtustream believes its infrastructure unit is the most effective way to provision, manage and bill for interoperable compute.

Held August 29 – September 1, 2011 in Las Vegas, VMworld concludes Virtustream’s “Rockin’ the Cloud” tour. Visitors to the Virtustream booth (No. 232) can consult one to one with “Cloud Rockstars” – including two of the first three non-VMware Certified Design Experts and other Virtustream cloud experts – for up to 30 minutes regarding cloud architecture, cloud economics, cloud governance and other related topics. Virtustream also welcomes attendees to visit its booth to get a vintage rock-inspired cloud t-shirt and enter for a chance to win an electric guitar.